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Radiosistemi buggy – Front or Rear battery locations

We last covered CAD images of Radiosistemi’s unreleased 1/8 buggy a couple of weeks ago in January,now lead designers Riccardo Rabitti & Sebastien Leonard have been at it again, showing the World that that the as yet ‘unnamed’ buggy (note the pixelated name by the front shock tower) features an interchangeable front or rear flat […]

Radiosistemi’s new buggy

Italy, a nation with a rich motorsport heritage and the country that Radiosistemi calls home, for a couple of years now Radiosistemi has been off the top racing scene, however having signed up the talented Riccardo Rabitti as driver and chief designer, the fruits are starting to come as the company looks to recapture it’s […]

Radiosistemi CAD shots

Its been a good old while since we heard anything from the Radiosistemi boys in Italy, last we saw was a prototype cobbled together buggy testing geometry and such things but it seems that its all change with the following leaked CAD images. Immediately noticeable despite the apparent ‘blurriness’ of the photos is that the car appears […]

S-WORKz unveil buggy

S-WORKz have released a whole host of CAD images of their buggy, showing a neat feature we haven’t seen on any other buggys currently on the market – a sort of inner rim dish cover/protection thingy (yes thats Neo Buggy’s official name for it!) – sitting on the inside of the wheel hubs/hexes and attached via […]