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Posts tagged with Buggyland 5.0

Top 25 Rankings update after Buggyland 5.0

See: Top 25 RC 8 drivers inside the top25 rankings attended the Buggyland 5.0 in Madrid, Spain. David Ronnefalk (HB Racing) took the win, which shot him up the rankings landing at #3 in the driver rankings. Elliott Boots (Kyosho) finished second and Martin Wollanka (SWORKz) rounded out the podium.

David Ronnefalk wins thrilling Buggyland 5.0 final

The Buggyland 5.0’s one-hour finale proves once again that nothing can be taken for granted and how one should never forget that the race sometimes has cruel surprises. For 40 minutes we have attended a demonstration of Juan Carlos Canas (Mugen). The Spanish racer is clearly outclassed and seems almost impossible to follow. If he […]

Juan Carlos Canas wins at E-Buggyland 5.0

A3 final of the Buggyland 5.0 will be thrilling from start to finish. The track has much more grip and balancing skills in addition to driving are required. If the start of the round looks like that of the A2 with Juan Carlos Canas (Mugen) took the lead followed by loan by David Ronnefalk (HB […]

Juan Carlos Canas on pole for Buggyland 5.0 final

After the semifinals, Juan Carlos Canas (Mugen) managed to win the fastest semi. In the semi A Elliott Boots (Kyosho) and David Ronnefalk (HB Racing) will race in the lead but gradually the Swedish driver will lose ground toward E.Boots more consistant and faster since almost 17sec separate the two drivers. Riccardo Berton (Kyosho) will […]

Under the Hood: Martin Wollanka

Martin Wollanka, Austria Chassis: SWORKz S35-3 Engine: Picco V1 Team DLC CER Fuel: Nitrolux Tyres: T-Pro Radio & Servos: Xpert Body & Wing: Stock Event: Buggyland 5.0, Spain           

David Ronnefalk takes easy A2 win

After a night of rest, the drivers are back for the last day at the Buggyand 5.0 in Madrid, Spain. A2 will be dominated by David Ronnefalk (HB Racing) after a perfect run. From the start D.Ronnefalk puts pressure on Juan Carlos Canas (Mugen) and he himself has to handle Elliott Boots (Kyosho) also very […]

Under the Hood: Elliott Boots

Elliott Boots, 23 – UK Chassis: Kyosho MP9 TKI4 Engine: REDS WRX Corsa Lunga Fuel: Byron Fuel Tyres: Pro-Line Radio & Servos: Sanwa Body & Wing: Stock Weight: N/A Event: Buggyland 5.0, Spain           

JC Canas takes untroubled A1 win

A1 was pretty easily won by Mugen/Modelix driver Juan Carlos Canas. JC.Canas made a perfect final, without mistake under the pressure of David Ronnefalk (HB Racing) in the first minutes then by Elliott Boots (Kyosho). D.Ronnefalk will quickly make a mistake which will leave some space between the leader and E.Boots that the Spanish driver […]