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Coelho crowned 4wd Champion at EOS

See: XRAY Race report by Bruno Coelho: Last weekend, we headed to the last EOS race of this season, in Nurburgring Germany, with only one thought in mind. We needed to win. The XB4 behaved so well throughout the entire season, there was never a track that the car didn’t felt comfortable and for me the […]

XRAY XB4 – World Champion in details

See: XRAY Bruno Coelho shares with you all the details about his XB4 he used to win the World Championship as well explains which option parts he uses and what effect they have. “Here is list of all option parts I have used on my XB4’16 in Japan to win the World Championship, and in […]

Bruno Coelho joins G-Force

See: G-Force G-Force welcome the 2015 IFMAR 4wd Buggy World Champion Bruno Coelho to their team for the 2016 season. Bruno uses products and accessories from the Japanese brand. “I’m super happy to announce that I’ll be joining GForce for the 2016 season. Looking forward to start strong this new season. See you in the next race”. – Bruno Coelho

Bruno Coelho WC Interview: The Road to the top of the World

Bruno’s Road to the World Championship Title NeoBuggy: Portuguese touring car star, man of the moment, touring car ace, XRAY’s on-road sensation, European & World electric touring vice-Champion, European nitro touring Champion, and now current electric off-road World Champion Bruno Coelho, how does it all sound Bruno? Bruno: It sounds really great, actually. If you […]

XRAY shares Bruno Coelho’s IFMAR Worlds winning XB4 setup

See: XRAY XRAY has undoubtedly made their mark in offroad this year, finishing off the season with an IFMAR World Championship win. The XB4’16 designer, Martin Bayer, shares his World Championship winning set-up that Bruno Coelho used to win the recent Worlds in Japan. “After we arrived to Yatabe Arena we started the practice rounds […]

Bruno Coelho takes dominant 4WD Worlds title victory

Worlds Coverage Links: Coverage Page | Videos | Photos | History | – Day 7 Photo Gallery  Overall Finals Results | Final Standings (4WD) | Video: A1, A2, A3 Those readers who haven’t followed our 4WD Worlds coverage may be a little unfamiliar with the name Bruno Coelho, better known for his touring car prowess, it’s fair to say that the […]

Bruno Coelho cruises to A2 win & 4WD World Championship

Worlds Coverage Links: Coverage Page | Videos | Photos | History | – Day 7 Photo Gallery | Watch Live  Results: A1 | A2 | A3 The anticipated fireworks and tears that we were expecting and somewhat morbidly looking forward to in the A finals didn’t materialise as A2 proved to be a bit of a display of cruise control […]

Bruno Coelho 4WD Worlds TQ

Worlds Coverage Links: Coverage Page | Videos | Photos | History | – Day 7 Photo Gallery | Watch Live  Results: Q1 | Q2 | Q3 | Q4 | Q5 – Qualifying Standings With the top 6 unchanged overnight it was Jared Tebo with his 3rd place result in Q5 that proved to be the big mover that shook things up a little in the top […]