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Posts tagged with Brass Weight

175RC TLR 22 4.0 18g brass weight

See: 175RC Coming from 175RC and made for the TLR 22 4.0 is the 18g tranny weight. This optional brass ballast weight will allow you to tune the rear weight bias of your chassis to suit various track conditions and will give the car more overall rear grip while. This brass weight includes Ti-Look mounting screw. 

SWORKz S35-series rear chassis balance weight

See: SWORKz  Coming from SWORKz and made for the new S35-3 is the rear chassis balance weight. The part is made from brass, weighs 15g and comes laser–engraved. A total of 3 weights or 45g can be fixed to the chassis at specific locations to vary the weight balance of the S35-3. 

Core RC super flat brass weight

Schumacher have introduced the Core-RC brass weight. This super flat brass weight measures 92 x 47mm and with 1mm thickness and the Core RC logo etched on. It allow you to position weight directly under your 1S or 2S shorty battery for the lowest centre of gravity. Website: Schumacher

Fast Race MBX7R brass weight low profile

See: Fast Race Fast Race have introduced new 40gr brass weight low profile for the Mugen MBX7R. The 40gr brass weight is precision cut from brass, etched for easy identification and fits perfectly with the milling from the chassis. Also available in 20 and 30gr.