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Leadfinger B74 A2 Tactic body

See: Leadfinger Racing Leadfinger Racing have introduced the new A2 Tactic body for the Team Associated B74. The new A2 Tactic body for the Team Associated B74 not only adds a sleek new look to your ride, but is designed specifically by LFR while keeping the traditional racer in mind. First off, the windshield has been […]

VSR Products B74 wiring harness

See: VSR Products VSR Products have introduced the new wiring harness for the Team Associated B74. The wiring harness is the safe and clean way to run the battery wires from the ESC to the battery without running the risk of them hitting the uncovered spur gear. The VSR wiring harness holds your battery wires in […]

Schelle B74 ball bearing sets & titanium upper screw set

See: Schelle Racing Innovations Coming soon from Schelle Racing Innovations are two sets of ball bearings and a set of titanium screws for the Team Associated B74. The ball bearings are available in two sets, Onyx Pro and Hybrid Ceramic Pro. Onyx Pro is the newest upgraded lineup of premium chrome steel bearings with low-drag […]

Team Associated 1/10 FT 12mm thin shock pistons V2

See: Team Associated Team Associated have introduced new Factory Team 12mm thin shock pistons V2 for the B74, B6.1, B6.1D, T6.1, SC6.1, B64 and B64D. These thinner shock pistons give you less “pack” inside the 12mm shock. Terrific for tuning in all kinds of track conditions, they are particularly helpful on carpet to help improve jump […]

Team Associated B74 Team Kit 1/10 4WD buggy

See: Team Associated Team Associated have introduced the new RC10B74 Team Kit 1/10 4WD buggy. The off-road RC car racing scene has taken a turn over the past couple years, with turf and carpet racing becoming more popular and grip levels at an all-time high. The engineers inside Team Associated’s Area 51 were quick to address […]

Team Associated unveils B74 4WD buggy prototype

See: Team Associated Team Associated have released some photos of the forthcoming B74 1/10 4WD buggy. Once again, AE engineers have used SLA-printed material to create a prototype. The translucent material is useful in examining pre-production parts to visualize the design and make some refinements before production.