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Team Associated B64 FT steel chassis weights & HRC arm mounts C and D

Team Associated have introduced two new optional parts for the B64 and B64D in the form of Factory Team steel chassis weights and High Roll Center arm mounts C and D. First up are the 15 gram and 27 gram steel chassis weights. They fit into the front chassis pocket and add weight to the […]

Schelle B64/D aluminum rear hubs

Coming soon from Schelle Racing Innovations are the aluminium rear hubs for the Team Associated B64 and B64D. The 2-piece design with replaceable caps increases adjustment and durability. The Schelle B64 hubs fit the kit axle height inserts for 0, +1, +2, and +3 adjustability. The standard location “inside, +1mm shim” matches the kit standard […]

ProStar B64 carbon Kevlar shock towers

See: ProStar R/C ProStar RC have introduced new front and rear carbon Kevlar shock towers for the Team Associated B64. These shock towers are made with a 4mm thickness bulletproof material blue carbon Kevlar more durable than standard carbon fiber. The front and rear carbon Kevlar shock towers are available as set.

Schelle B6 & B64 V2 shock pistons

Schelle Racing have introduced 2 new V2 piston pairs for the Team Associated B6 and B64. First is the 2 hole split 1.6 and 1.7, commonly used in 2wd front to gain more steering indoors. Also for the 2wd or 4wd rear, the 3×1.5 Bevel Piston is a perfect complement to 3×1.4 front pistons in bumpier […]

Pro-Line B64 & B64D Elite body

Pro-Line have introduced new Elite body for the Team Associated B64 and B64D. Designed with the latest in CAD technology, the Elite features an overall low-slung design with sweeping lines throughout giving it an unmistakable look on the track. A cab-forward design with rails extending up the hood and A-pillar provides enhanced steering while a […]

Team Associated B6/B64 FT graphite ESC plate & hub inserts

Coming from Team Associated and made for the B6, B6D, B64 and B64D are the Factory Team graphite ESC plate and aluminum rear hub link inserts. First up is the graphite ESC plate. Made from high quality 1.5mm woven graphite laminate, it comes with blue anodized nut inserts ensuring a secure attachment. With only 7.5g, […]

MIP B64 aluminum Performance bundle package

MIP have introduced the aluminum performance bundle package for the Team Associated B64. In the spec class, rotational mass is killer; it reduces initial drive and loads up the motor unnecessarily adding heat throughout the run resulting in less overall power. Because of this MIP has created a performance bundle package directly attacking rotational mass […]

T-Work’s B6/B64 aluminium shock adjustable nuts

See: T-Work’s T-Work’s have introduced a set of shock adjustable nuts for the Team Associated B6, B6D and B64. The parts are machined from 7075-T6 aluminium, black or blue anodised and they are marked for easy identification of the shock absorbers and preload setting. To prevent the shock adjustable nuts from moving, they are provided with O-ring. […]