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T-Work’s B6/B64 titanium hinge pin sets

See: T-Work’s T-Work’s have introduced two new titanium hinge pin sets for the Team Associated B6/B6D and B64/B64D. Both titanium hinge pin sets include eight suspension shafts made from high quality titanium lighter than the standard steel parts while also being highly corrosion-resistant meaning they will not rust when being exposed to the elements.

AVID B64 carbon fibre front top deck & B6 shock towers

AVID have introduced a carbon fibre front top deck for the Team Associated B64/D and carbon fiber shock towers for the Team Associated B6. First up is the front top deck. It is made from 2.5mm thick carbon fiber and it is a direct fit without any modifications. This top deck replaces the molded brace […]

175RC 2WD & 4WD titanium lower arm stud kit

See: 175RC 175RC have introduced titanium lower arm stud kit for 2WD and 4WD such as the Team Associated B6, B64, TLR 22 4.0 SR, Yokomo YZ2, Kyosho RB6.6 and XRAY XB2. The studs are machined from Grade 5 titanium to increases strength of the rear arms because you are not repeatedly threading a screw in […]

MIP Pucks B6 17.5 Drive System 67mm

See: MIP Coming soon from MIP is the Pucks 17.5 Drive System 67mm for Team Associated B6. MIP Pucks Drive system is an aluminum based drivetrain system which includes a 2-piece aluminium outdrive cup and aluminium outdrive hub, 2 Bi-metal bones, and the replaceable plastic orange wear Pucks that take the place of the inferior steel […]

Exotek B6 titanium puck bones & B64 81T POM spur gear

See: Exotek Exotek Racing have introduced new puck bones for the MIP Bi-Metal bone puck sets and heavy duty 81T POM spur gear. First up are the puck bones. Made of polished and laser etched Ti 6-4 titanium, they are available in 67mm long for the TLR 22 4.0 and Team Associated B6 and 76mm long […]

Schelle release B6, SC5M & T5M option parts

Schelle Racing Innovations have introduced a range of new option parts for the Team Associated B6, SC5M and T5M. First up are the new Refresh and Rebuild kits for the B6 ball differentials. If your B6 Diff is getting gritty, then the rebuild kit contains the best of the best parts from the Schelle Pro-Built […]

RPM B6 & B6D rear A-arms

See: RPM R/C products RPM have introduced the new rear A-arms for the Team Associated B6 and B6D. They are designed with the same principles as the RPM’s flat front A-arms and gull wing front A-arms. With stock A-arms, the amount of slop at the hinge-pins can cause your suspension settings to wander while the […]

AVID B6 4.5mm carbon fibre shock towers

AVID RC have introduced new front and rear 4.5mm carbon fibre shock towers for the Team Associated B6 and B6D. To make these towers nearly indestructible, they are made from 4.5mm carbon fiber and AVID added material, pocketing, bracing to the weak areas while the holes are in the same location as the stock geometry. See: […]