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Posts tagged with B6.1 2WD buggy

T-Work’s B6.1/2 carbon fibre shock towers

See: T-Work’s Products T-Work’s have introduced new carbon fibre shock towers for the Team Associated B6.2, B6.2D as well as the B6.1 and B6.1D. The front and rear shock towers are machined from high-quality carbon fibre to add more durabilité and save some weight. If the front shock tower fits all the B6.1 and B6.2 series of […]

TARP Racing O.M.B B6.2/SC6.1 conversion kits

See: TARP Racing (Facebook) TARP Racing have introduced the new O.M.B conversion kits for the Team Associated B6.1/2 and SC6.1. Named 1001 and 1003, these single chassis are fully adjustable for the loosest surfaces all the way to the super high bite clay tracks including the carpet and astro surfaces out there. Both chassis will […]

Vision Racing introduce new 22 5.0 carbon fibre optionals

See: Vision Racing Vision Racing have introduced two new carbon fiber optionals in the form of a motor plate V2 for the Team Losi Racing 22 5.0 and 22T 4.0 and a front front wing brace and rear one-piece wing button V2 for the TLR 22 5.0, 22T 4.0 and Team Associated B6.1. The motor plate […]