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Posts tagged with B5

Avid tightens up B5/B5M steering with new Ti Steering Screws

See: Avid Avid RC has just released their new Team Associated B5/B5M Titanium Steering System Screws. These new screws are shouldered to remove the slop out of your steering rack while also dropping 3 grams of weight. The kit screws measure in at 2.91mm, whereas Avid’s titanium shouldered screws come in at 2.99mm for a much tighter bearing […]

JConcepts drives the B5M with new spring-steel CVA’s

See: JConcepts The drive system on any vehicle is critical but in offroad racing where long stroke suspensions are commonplace, CVA performance is vital. JConcepts introduces a Team Associated B5/B5M CVA set built for performance, durability and a high dose of glamour. The design is based around the HD 5mm axle diameter which is able […]

AVID machines new B5/B5M alu bellcranks & servo mounts

See: AVID AVID has hit the machine shop, releasing new Aluminum Steering Bellcranks and Servo Mounts for the Team Associated B5 based vehicles (B5, B5M, T5M, & SC5M). The AVID Aluminum Steering Bellcranks are machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, black anodized, and silver edge highlights for that premium look. Each package includes 1 left […]

Team Associated’s new Factory Team alu 1/10 gear diff cover

See: Team Associated Team Associated has just unveiled their new aluminum gear diff cover. This Factory Team gear cover replaces the cover found in the option part #91461 Gear Diff Kit for the RC10B5, B5M, T5M, and SC5M. The aluminum material will prevent warping, providing a tighter seal than the current cover, and longer run times […]

Schelle releases ‘Rear Pull Hinge Pins’ for the B5M

See: Schelle The Schelle B5M Rear Pull Hinge Pins are the perfect complement to the Schelle Aluminum Arm Mount D released in early 2015. With some slight trimming to the B5M plastic rear bumper (instructions included) racers can remove the carbon fiber rear cap and remove the rear hingepins and arms without taking any screws […]

Schelle expands ‘Black Diamond’ bearing sets to include B5M Factory Lite

See: Schelle By request, Schelle Racing Innovations expands the “all-out, spare no expense” Black Diamond series to include a B5M Factory Lite Car Set and a B5 Ceramic Axle Set. The SCH2305 B5M Factory Lite Car Set includes all 14 Ceramic Bearings for the Gearbox and 4 Axles to roll on low-drag ceramic balls. On top […]

RDRP replaces B5/B5M plastic with new alu bellcrank set

See: RDRP Made to replace the standard plastic steering bellcranks of Team Associated’s B5 series vehicles is the RDRP B5RM/MM bellcrank aluminium set. The parts do away with the kit’s plastic steering bellcranks in favour of stronger levers for added rigidity and better looks. The CNC-machined 7075-T6 aluminium construction considerably strengthens the steering assembly for […]

Integy machines new billet aluminum AE B5 conversion kit

See: Integy If you like the aluminum look and want to bulletproof your Team Associated B5, Integy has the answer. Introducing the new RC10B5 Billet Machined Suspension Conversion Kit! The kit includes alloy front and rear lower arms, alloy front and rear shock towers, alloy front knuckles, alloy front C-carriers, alloy rear hub carriers, and […]