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Exotek B6 Flite rear axles & steel puck pins

See: Exotek Racing Exotek Racing have introduced the new Flite rear wheel axles for the Team Associated B6/B5 and steel puck pins for AE and TLR 22 series of vehicles. First up are the Flite rear wheel axles, they are machined from Ti6 titanium and available for stock 65mm or MIP 65mm and new 67mm bones […]

MIP 5/6 series Pucks gear diff outdrives

MIP have introduced the Pucks gear diff outdrives for the Team Associated B5 and B6 series of vehicles. These outdrives are compatible with the current Team Associated 2wd gear differentials part (AE#91703 & AE#91461), and make it possible to use your current MIP AE Puck or Roller Puck system. Now you can enjoy all the […]

MIP B5/B6 Bi-Metal Drive System

MIP have introduced all new Bi-Metal Drive System for the Team Associated B6 and B5. Featuring a two piece bi-metal outdrive that is comprised of both 7075–T6 aluminum and high grade heat tempered machine steel, this diff alone will shred 30% off of your OEM rotating mass, which equates to quicker acceleration without compromising strength. […]

MIP B5/6 series spacer conversion kit

MIP have introduced a pucks/rollers spacer conversion kit for the Team Associated B6/B6D and B5. This pack includes a total of six 7075 Aluminum spacers to effectively transform your MIP B5 puck/roller kit into a B6 kit instantly. For all the customers that do not have a B5 MIP puck kit, simply pick up the […]

MIP B5/6 Super diff bi-metal kit

MIP have introduced the Super Diff, a new bi-metal differential for the Team Associated B5 & B6 series of vehicles. Featuring the two piece bi-metal outdrive design that’s comprised of both 7075–T6 aluminum and high grade heat tempered. MIP Super Diffs will automatically shed 30% off of your OEM rotating mass; this equates to quicker acceleration […]

AVID release updated B5M aluminum steering bellcranks

See: AVID AVID have introduced their updated aluminum steering bellcranks for Team Associated B5 and B5M. The update is for the design and material on the left bellcrank (6061-T6 to 7075-T6) after quickly learning that the first production units that incorporated a minimal design were not up to the task of handling the forces placed on them, especially in […]

Team Associated B5 Limited Edition

See: Team Associated Team Associated have introduced a limited edition of the B5‬ Team kit with ‪B5M‬ conversion. The Limited Edition kit includes all parts (except the B5M body) to convert the B5‬ Team into the B5M.

Avid tightens up B5/B5M steering with new Ti Steering Screws

See: Avid Avid RC has just released their new Team Associated B5/B5M Titanium Steering System Screws. These new screws are shouldered to remove the slop out of your steering rack while also dropping 3 grams of weight. The kit screws measure in at 2.91mm, whereas Avid’s titanium shouldered screws come in at 2.99mm for a much tighter bearing […]