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Optima O.S. rear engine cover

See: 6MIK 6mik have introduced new Optima’s rear engine cover for the O.S. 21 XZ, B2101 and B2102 engines. Thanks to exclusiv internal channels, the rear cover will increased engine efficiency by feeding optimaly lateral ports. The fuel mixture is actually less melt by the conrod movement. Following the track conditions, the torque can be […]

Adam Drake talks about B2102 ‘s carburetor settings

Mugen Seiki Racing’s Adam Drake is back to another video to talk about the carburetor settings for the O.S. Speed B2102 engine.

O.S. unveil new ‘Low Profile’ B2102 engine

Originally spotted on Facebook from the Tokyo Hobby Show was this brand new development from O.S. Engines under their high performance ‘O.S. Speed’ brand. The new B2102 engine boasts a very striking ‘low profile’ cooling head – going against the grain of convention which traditionally feature much taller alu cooling heads to take advantage of air […]