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Atsushi Hara shares his MP9 setups


Atsushi Hara may have been conspicuously absent from the international racing scene since his departure from his short-lived time with SWORKz, however it seems Hara-san is gearing up for a potential Worlds cameo. Having won the FEMCAs in Malaysia, he raced this weekend at the new RC Thailand circuit in central Bangkok with his privateer […]

Atsushi Hara wins 2016 FEMCA

femca podium

Source: The final day of 2016 FEMCA started with a delay due to heavy rain. Thanks to the efficient water drainage, the race was able to start 1/16th final main soon after the weather cleared up. In semi final A the grid leader, Wataru Takashiro will keep his 1st spot until the end. In semi […]

Atsushi Hara overnight TQ at FEMCAs, McBride M.I.A.


Atsushi Hara running the Kyosho TKI3 as a privateer rather showing up the TKI4s Asia’s most prestigious sanctioned event is well underway in Johor Bahru, Malaysia with an entry capped event it is a Kyosho 1,2,3 that tops the standings after three of seven rounds of qualifying, with Japanese driver Wataru Takashiro showing the fastest outright […]

Atsushi Hara chooses Tekno RC?

tekno hara test

Atsushi Hara continues to flit from one brand to another until they find the “RC” Holy Grail. This morning the Japanese driver posted on his Facebook page a photo of his “new challenge”: test all 1/8 Tekno RC cars. Tekno RC is rising and the performances of their top drivers Ryan Lutz and Joe Bornhorst prove the ability of […]

Atsushi Hara goes Serpent?


With Atsushi Hara still on the market, all opportunities are good for brands to use this luxury mercenary to make the buzz and revive the rumors about his next career destination. His last appearance was with a Kyosho MP9 at the Camel Classic. Since nothing …. until today. A photo posted on Facebook by the Japanese driver with […]

Robert Batlle sweeps ‘Camel Classic’

podium'Camel Classic'

Last weekend the first international 2016  ‘Camel Classic’ was held in the State of Kuwait. For this first of the series, the Radio Control Car Club of Kuwait welcome many local and international top drivers as Robert Batlle and Atsushi Hara who returns to duty with a Kyosho MP9. Robert Batlle will dominate the entire race, taking the TQ, the […]

Privateer Hara chooses Kyosho MP9


After the sudden split with SWORKz last year, 2x World Champion Atsushi Hara has kept a bit of a low profile, turning his attention back slightly to more onroad-led activities, however it seems the Japanese ace might be looking for a comeback once again – dusting off a Kyosho MP9 in time for the Camel […]

Hara set to take the wheel of new Carisma 4XS buggy

Hara Carisma

See: Carisma It is still a mystery as to where multi-time World Champion Atsushi Hara will call home after his surprise departure from SWorkz last week, however, it has been confirmed that Hara will be behind the wheel of the Carisma 4XS 1/10 4wd buggy at the upcoming Hong Kong 1/10 Championship finale. The event […]

Halloween Hara: Quits SWORKz


Two-time IFMAR World Champion Atsushi Hara has quit the SWORKz factory team. Having joined exactly 20 months ago to the day (31st January 2014) in what would go down as one of the heavyweight ‘mega-signings’ in the RC Racing industry’s history, the partnership did not last the distance. A three year deal saw the Japanese ace sign […]

Atsushi Hara cameos at MNL 4

podium mnl4

Atsushi Hara joined round 4 of the Malaysian Nationals and immediately stamped his authority on the event in qualifying.  In round 1 Hara was 6 seconds ahead of Ben Panic and Didier Perrin.  Round two Hara took TQ again.  The third round Hara had a few bobbles and Ben Panic was on pace to TQ […]