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HMX iOS App now in App Store

See: HMX Technology Team Orion have announced that their HMX Technology App is now available on App Store. To connect to iOS device, the optional BLE wireless dongle is required. The BLE dongle is being produced and will be available soon. Watch the video until its end, a E-teaser is waiting for you 😉

RC Car Setup 1/8 TT App updated

See: RC Car Setup 1/8 TT The RC Car Setup 1/8 TT App has been updated to version 1.2. The 1.2 update allows to choose the make and model of your car among more than 20 models available. Also the setup interface has been substantially changed to make it more intuitive and more complete with front, […]

Nemo Racing App now available on App Store

See: Nemo Racing Nemo Racing have launched his application on App Store. The Nemo’s App is the easier way of shopping all of your favourite Agama, Beta, Bullitt and Piranha products. Turn on post notifications to stay informed of all the special offers and latest news updates. The Nemo Racing App is download now for […]

PitBuddy run-time calculator app

The new PitBuddy App for iOS is the hottest new item in any nitro R/C racer’s toolbelt! It allows you to accurately predict the run-time you will get out of your nitro engine. You can save your runs into the run log to gain even more confidence in the estimated run-time, and choose from a […]

Setup struggles vanish with ‘Dialed’

When travelling to a new track, there is nothing worse than travelling hours and hours to show up and find your car has the worst possible setup for that particular track. Not to mention the overflowing notebooks it takes to keep track of all your setup changes, specific track setups, and notes. All of that […]

RC Cheat Sheets iPhone App

Now you can quickly understand how to adjust your RC car, buggy, or truck settings for optimum tuning! Within a range of tuning options, which is better, a higher number or lower? Thicker or thinner? How will a longer or shorter adjustment change the handling? If you keep scratching your head trying to remember — […]