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T-Work’s MBX8 front anti-twist bushings

See: T-Work’s Products T-Work’s have introduced new front anti-twist bushings for the Mugen MBX8. Machined from high-quality aluminium, the anti-twist bushings come black anodised for wear resistance and laser-etched T-Work’s logos. They prevent the A-arms pivot pin area from deforming under load, resulting in a more precise suspension action.

Fast Race RC8B3 optional parts

See: Fast Race Fastrace have introduced new option parts for the Team Associated RC8B3. First up is a set of machined +5mm aluminium 7075 only for rear shock mounts. The +5mm extra length allows better alignment of shock for best operation. Next are the anti-twist bushings which will helping to keep the front suspension pins aligned […]

Fast Race MBX7R & RC8B3 anti-twist bushings

See: Fast Race Fast Race has introduced a set of anti-twist bushings for the front lower arms of the Mugen MBX7 series and the Team Associated RC8B3. Machined from aluminium the anti-twist bushings help to keep the front suspension pins aligned with the lower front A-arms which results in a more precise steering feeling and suspension action […]