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JQ is on Amain again!

JQ have announced that they are black back on Parts have already shipped and arrived, kits will be shipping next week. “As suspected, no one can resist The BLACK Edition. This is great news for JQ Racers worldwide. Now if only they got with the program, and updated JQ Products to Racing.”  Pre-Order the […] Pot o’ Gold Tub Giveaway

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day’s own leprechaun is stashing four Team Associated Limited Edition “Gold Tub” RC10 Classic Kits throughout the website. Simply find and click on the lucky “Pot O’ Gold Tub” image he hides each day on our website March 17 through March 20. Then enter into the daily drawing with your contact info, and be […]

A Main relaunch brand & new website!

Perhaps not since the days of Nokia rebranding from a tyre rubber making company to cellphones have we witnessed quite such a shift / re-brand as one of the true internet success stories of the RC Industry ‘A Main Hobbies’ will now officially go under the wordy new name ‘ Performance Sports & Hobbies‘ The mission […]