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Posts tagged with Aluminum Steering Rack

Team Associated B64 Factory Team steering parts

See: Team Associated   Team Associated have introduced new Factory Team steering parts for the B64 in the form of an aluminum steering rack V2 and carbon fibre steering arms V2. First up is the steering rack, machined from 7075 aluminum, this version 2 rack comes black anodised. The rack optimizes Ackermann and steering rate for […]

Exotek introduce EB410 option parts

See: Exotek Racing Exotek have added new option parts to their range for the Tekno RC EB410. First up is the steering rack, machined from heavy duty 7075 alloy it comes anodised with the Exotek’s special glossy navy blue. His reinforced design minimizes any extra cut outs to increase strength, yet only weighs 6gr.

Schelle B64 aluminum steering rack

Schelle Racing Innovations have introduced an aluminium steering rack for the Team Associated B64. The B64 and B64D kits come with a plastic steering rack that has tons of flex and can break the first hard hit you take at the races. The new Schelle steering rack is CNC machined from high quality aluminium, black […]

Team Associated B64 Aluminum Steering Rack & Caster Blocks

Team Associated have added two new option parts for the B64 in the form of an aluminum steering rack and aluminium caster blocks. First up is the aluminum steering rack, CNC-machined from high-strength aluminum and Factory anodized blue, it increases durability and reduces flex over the standard molded plastic part. The aluminum steering rack improves steering response and uses the […]

JConcepts B6 | B6D aluminum steering rack & bellcranks

JConcepts have introduced two option parts for the Team Associated B6 and B6D, an aluminum steering rack and an aluminum steering bellcranks. The aluminum steering rack and bellcranks are CNC-machined and replace the stock plastic parts. They come in a blue or black anodized finish and sports machined chamfered silver edges and engraved JConcepts.net logo. These light-weight […]

Schelle B6 aluminum steering rack

Schelle have introduced an aluminum steering rack for the Team Associated B6 and B6D. The steering rack is precision machined from high quality aluminum with black or blue anodize finish to reduce some slop of the bearing,  secure and tighten the steering assembly. Comes with B6 steering rack, machined bearing spacers, and Schelle Mini Decal. […]