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Hiro Seiko 7PX aluminium screw set

See: Hiro-Seiko Hiro Seiko have introduced an aluminium screw set for the Futaba 7PX transmitter. The screw set is composed of five lightweight aluminium screws to replace the standard steel screws on the steering wheel and on the case. The screws are available in seven different colors including orange, gold, purple, dark blue, light blue, […]

T-Work’s 7PX carbon fibre carrying handle

See: T-Work’s Coming from T-Work’s and made for the Futaba 7PX transmitter is the carbon fibre carrying handle. Machined from high quality carbon fibre, the lightweight carrying handle comes with golden screws. The handle facilitates carrying of the 7PX. Also new are the anodized screws for Futaba 4PX. Made from 7075-T6 aluminium, they are available in […]