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Posts tagged with A319 Nitro Buggy

Bittydesign A319 buggy VISION body

See: Bittydesign Italian company Bittydesign have added a new VISION body for the Agama A319 to their range. Compared to the stock body, the VISION offers a better balance on jumps, more traction and a more ease of drive that allow to push at limit with more efficacy. The mid-advanced cab has been designed to increase […]

T-Work’s A319 steel CVD driveshafts

See: T-Work’s Products T-Work’s have introduced the new steel CVD driveshafts for the Agama A319. Both the front and rear 89mm driveshafts are made of high-quality steel and come come with laser-engraved dogbones for easy identification of their length. The steel CVD driveshafts are available for the front and the rear as pair.

LMR A319/E rear wheel hub set

See: NEMO Racing Nemo Racing have introduced the new LMR rear hub set for the Agama A319 and A319E. These durable rear wheel hubs are machined from high-quality aluminium and come black coated for wear. The rear hubs allow to change height arm position thanks to a new longer link option on the carbon fiber […]

T-Work’s A319 DLC-coated shock shafts

See: T-Work’s Products T-Work’s have introduced the new DLC-coated shock shafts for the Agama A319. Available in 57.9mm long for the front and in 65.9mm long for the rear, the shock shafts come Diamond-like Carbon coated for improved durability and provide smooth operation. The DLC coated shock shafts are available as set of 2-piece including 2 washers […]

Leadfinger Racing A319 A2.1 Tactic body

See: Leadfinger Racing Leadfinger Racing have introduced the new A2.1 Tactic body for the Agama A319. First introduced in mid 2019, the A2.1 Tactic body design form Leadfinger Racing has proven it self on the track with a handful of different platforms. Fitment, performance and looks are key in every design, and every platform presents different […]

Agama A319 Nitro Buggy kit

See: Nemo Racing Nemo Racing have introduced the long awaited Agama A319 Nitro Buggy kit. The Agama A319 Nitro Buggy is the culmination of years of design, development and dedication with over 50 years of racing experience it is set to push the field of 1/8th nitro racing! The new buggy platform takes all of the great attributes […]

Agama A319 Nitro Buggy coming soon

Source: Agama Racing Australia (Facebook) Coming soon from Agama is the new A319 Nitro Buggy. No information about the new kit have leaked in the wake but information about the vehicle should become available very soon.