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Twister RC 7PX transmitter skins

See: Twister RC Following the release of transmitter skins for the Sanwa M17, Twister RC have unveiled new skin stickers for the Futaba 7PX transmitter. Designed to protect and customize your transmitter, the skin stickers come in six metallochrome colors including green, blue, pink, red, purple and orange with nice patterns and matching colors. The […]

Hiro Seiko 7PX aluminium screw set

See: Hiro-Seiko Hiro Seiko have introduced an aluminium screw set for the Futaba 7PX transmitter. The screw set is composed of five lightweight aluminium screws to replace the standard steel screws on the steering wheel and on the case. The screws are available in seven different colors including orange, gold, purple, dark blue, light blue, […]

Futaba 7PX inductive charger

Source: Hideo Kitazawa (Facebook) Futaba have unveiled an inductive charger for the 7PX 2.4GHz radio at the Tokyo hobby Show. The charger comes in the form of a base on which we put the radio. The shape of the front part allows the radio to be inserted so that it is secure on the charger. […]

Video: Spotlight Futaba 7PX radio

Futaba have released a video highlighting their new 7PX 2.4GHz telemetry radio system. The 7PX features Super Response Mode, full telemetry capability and the R334SBS diversity receiver. T-FHSS SR Super Response makes the 7PX the fastest Futaba radio yet, to give drivers a more “locked-in” feel while racing. In addition, the 7PX offers the T-FHSS […]

T-Work’s 7PX carbon fibre carrying handle

See: T-Work’s Coming from T-Work’s and made for the Futaba 7PX transmitter is the carbon fibre carrying handle. Machined from high quality carbon fibre, the lightweight carrying handle comes with golden screws. The handle facilitates carrying of the 7PX. Also new are the anodized screws for Futaba 4PX. Made from 7075-T6 aluminium, they are available in […]

 T-Work’s 7PX radio skin set

See: T-Work’s T-Work’s have introduced a radio skin set for the Futaba 7PX radio. The set is made up of sticker, a screen protector and instruction manual. The radio skins are available in 3D graphite, light yellow, blue, white, red and gradient colors or red, bleu and green metal chrome and shiny color.

T-Work’s Futaba 7PX transmitter screen protectors

See: T-Work’s T-Work’s have introduced transmitter screen protectors for Futaba 7PX transmitter. Made from a multi layer material the protectors provide a hard-coat protection against fingerprints and scratches to keep your precious transmitter in perfect condition.

Futaba 7PX 2.4GHz radio coming soon

Futaba have released a first photo of their forthcoming 7PX 2.4GHz radio. The 7PX will feature numerous evolutions including a 4.3 inch color LCD touch panel display, the new 2.4GHz T-FHSS Super Response system and a new diversity receiver. All details and features will be available soon. See: Futaba