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T-Work’s introduce new titanium screw sets

See: T-Work’s Products T-Work’s have introduced a new range of titanium screw sets. Available as UFO and countersink head sets, the sets include high-quality 64 grade titanium screws. The UFO head titanium screws are available in 2mm x 4mm, 2mm x 6mm and 2mm x 8mm in sets of 5-piece and 10-piece while the titanium countersink screws […]

T-Work’s EB410 titanium turnbuckles & screw sets

See: T-Work’s T-Work’s have introduced new titanium turnbuckles and two screw sets for the all new Tekno EB410. First up are the turnbuckles, machined from high quality titanium they offer a lower weight compared to the standard turnbuckles steel. The titanium turnbuckle set includes a 4mm wrench.

Arrowmax 64 grade titanium screws

See: Arrowmax  Arrowmax RC introduces a range of highest 64 grade titanium screws. Their titanium screws is fully high strength, the new ranch of Titanium screws are top of with “AM” engraving. Come in variety size (from M3x5 to M3x18 and M4x8 to M4x12) and available in both round head and countersunk version.