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Ronnefalk reports on Montpellier GP

David Ronnefalk attended in the GP of Montpellier 2017 which took place in the south of France, near the Mediterranean sea where the weather, without being as cold as in Sweden, will be quite wet and invigorating. It had been 7 years since David had not returned to Montpellier for racing and he came surrounded by […]

Robert Batlle climbs rankings after Montpellier GP win

See: Top 25 RC Robert Batlle won at the 2017 Montpellier GP over the weekend after a great fight with young David Ongaro (2nd), world champion David Ronnefalk (3rd), and Elliot Boots (4th). Ronnefalk move into the top 3 in the Rankings but Tessmann and Maifield retain the top two spots. Batlle, Ongaro, and Savoya […]

Video: 2017 Montpellier GP Main Final

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Montpellier GP: David Ronnefalk rise in power in Semi-Final B

Despite a few laps on the track due to the rainy conditions, World champion David Ronnefalk is getting stronger and winning in the semi-final. He will start on pole in the final. David has committed a few mistakes but his speed allows him to compensate without too many problems despite Davide Ongaro fast and determined to […]

Montpellier GP: Semi-Final A under control of Elliott Boots

The semi-final A was won by the Kyosho’s Elliott Boots. Elliott will quickly takes the lead and control the attacks of Yannick Aigoin very dangerous and never far behind in second position. Attention will go to the battle for the 3rd position where Reno Savoya and Thomas Musso will engage in a great fight. Reno will arrive to […]

Under the Hood: Dani Batlle

Dani Batlle – Spain Chassis: Soar 998 – TD1 Engine: SOAR TRS – 21 Tuned Fuel: Runner Time Tyres: AKA Radio & Servos: Futaba 4PK-S & Highest D1000 servos Body & Wing: Stock Event: 2017 Montpellier GP, France            

Under the Hood: Elliott Boots

Elliott Boots, 23 – UK Chassis: Kyosho MP9 TKI4 Engine: REDS R5 TTE V5.0 Fuel: MLC Fuel Tyres: Pro-Line Radio & Servos: Sanwa Weight: N/A Event: 2017 Montpellier GP, France Notes: Elliott is running quite a few small special custom made items by pitman Mike Cradock, including a tuned pipe mount as well as small weight tacks by the front and rear gearboxes. He […]

Under the Hood: Robert Batlle

Robert Batlle, 28 – Spain Chassis: Mugen Seiki MBX7R Engine: Picco V1 Fuel: Runner Time Tyres: AKA Radio & Servos: Ko Propo & Highest D1000 servos Body & Wing: Bittydesign body & JConcepts wing Event: 2017 Montpellier GP, France