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Posts tagged with 2016 Worlds Warm up

Tessmann wins Worlds warm up after rain cancels final

With raindrops eventually arriving towards the end of the second semi final, it continued to shower during the buildup to the main final, and with only a few minutes left, the decision was taken via consulting the main finalists not to run the final due to the wet track and potential hazards to marshals as […]

Tessmann starts on pole after rain slows Ronnefalk

As per the script, Ty Tessmann starts on pole for the hour-long final here at the Worlds warm up in Las Vegas, it wasn’t all his own way in the half-hour semi as a 20-lap long battle with Ryan Maifield put on a show for fans but ultimately despite a couple of lead changes it […]

HB team dominate Worlds warm up qualifying

Mains Listing

Ronnefalk claims last morning qualifier

The final qualifier at the Worlds warm up ran on Saturday morning and David Ronnefalk ensured it was a HB whitewash of qualifying as he TQ’d infront of Ryan Cavalieri with already-crowned TQ man Ty Tessmann in 8th. Spencer Rivkin found some pace in 3rd whilst Jared Tebo put in another consistent run in 4th. […]

Video: Qualifying wrap up – Ty Tessmann


Ty Tessmann wraps up TQ early at Worlds Warm up

The penultimate round of qualifying witnessed a predictable final result, but the track here at the 2016 Worlds warm up is anything but predictable, the World’s best drivers struggling with the bumps, ruts and tricky constant evolution of the track over the course of a 10 min run as it starts out damp and drys […]

Video: Quali catch up – Tyler Vik


Video: Quali catch up with Barry Pettit