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Posts tagged with 2011 Euros

Batlle takes 2nd European Championship

After some lengthy controversy after the semis; some business about Batlle’s legality and Matias supposed penalty, a first final listing showed Teemu Leino as car 12, however 20mins later a new one showed up with Miguel Matias in there. It dated back to the start of the first semi as Miguel Matias’ engine cut before […]

Euro Finals day today

Tuned into www.TTRCLIVE.com for live video, timing & chat for the Euros! This is a provisional timetable, things may change! Saturday 6th: 08:00 – 11:15 1/64A – 1/8B (20 min) 11:20 – 11:40 Quarter A 11:45 – 12:05 Quarter B (20 min) 12:40-13:00 – Semi A 13:15-13:35 Semi B (20 min) 14:30 – 14:50 – 40+ […]

The Daily Drescher Day 4

A daily dose of Drescher is good for you! Day 4. Is it day 4. I’m not sure any more because I feel like I’ve been here for a month already. The day started with rain once again and it was sad faces, crying and a dreary start to the day. Slick for heat 7 […]

Qualifying Recap Video

All Euros Videos Our day 4 recap video covers a few of the main points seen today, the magic 16 who made the semis and a quick word with defending Champion Reno Savoya. RC Racing TV’s report covered quali, a chat with yours truly and Mark Pavidis.

Jerome Aigoin: Euros TQ

Link to Overall rankings

Bloomfield takes Q4

Whilst not the fastest up till now, Darren Bloomfield held the title of Mr Consistent going into Q4, initially Marcel Guske set the pace in a repeat of Q3, his time of 10/5:05.1 impressed, team mate Dani Reckward however knocked him off TQ spot by a second. For many heats the track only got better […]

Dr Drescher Day 3

Daily contributor Craig Drescher shares his pet hates, inside knowledge and feelings in his write up of yesterday’s Day 3 at the Euros. What a mixed up day. Its been a rough ride contending with the weather and especially the mud which believe it or not is no different to the brown stuff we get […]

Day 3 Quali Recap

Day 3: Qualifying Recap Links: All NeoBuggy Euros videos Track update video | Some fast guys in Q3 | Jerome Aigoin interview The EFRA Media / RC Racing TV master of ceremony Nick Daman rocked into town and had a quick chat with yours truly after Q2!