simonwilletts Vitals:

Career: 1987 to present
Age: 33
Birth date: 20/2/1979
Hometown: Brierley Hill
Mechanic: Andy Nicholas
Nickname: Big Red or Butch Willetts
Hobbies: Moto GP, X Games, Motocross, Spending time with the Family

Chassis: Mugen MBX7, MBX6-ECO, MBX6-TR
Engine / Motor: Novarossi BTT
Tyres: ProCircuit
Fuel: Byron
Electrics: Savox

Mugen Seiki, Novarossi, ProCircuit, Savox, Byron Fuels, Kifo paint, CML, Competition heat, Fastrax

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It all started for me when I got a tamiya wild one for xmas, my dad found a local club to go and have a bit of fun at, each week we would learn more about rc, and would get faster, it wasnt long and we was addicted to RC racing, I raced 10th electric off road for many years till 2006 I tried 8th gas, from the first race I loved it, the noise, longer finals the pit stops, it was awesome, after that I was hooked on 8th, and it was Jamie Booth that gave me my first full factory drive and the opportunity to race 8th at a top level.

Favourite track: NRC Raceway
Favourite Event: Neobuggy Race
Best RC moment: One of my best moments in RC, is when I made my first neo Main final in 2010, this race is like a indoor world championship, so to make the main at this event is no mean feat, my other best moment was when I TQ and Won a round of the UK National
Goals: My RC goals are to race the best I can at each event, and to help my team to victory
Best RC buddies: My best RC bud is Jon Howells, I met Jon when I first started racing, we always talk about set-ups (trackside and in the pub) and help each other out when evers possible
RC Rivals: My rivals are who ever is fastest at the race, but the main rivals atm are , Boots, Cragg, Bloomfield


Career Highlights:

– Electric 8th UK National Champion 2012
– Neo10, Main Finalist
– Neo11, Main Finalist
– UK 8th National, Vice-Champion 2010-2011
– Petit Race 2010, Main Finalist
– Proline King of the Dirt, Vice-Champion
– UK Natinal Truggy Vice-Champion 2007
– TQ and Win my first UK National

Key Sponsor & Product Changes:

– March 2013 joined ProCircuit
– February 2013 left Pro-Line