Career: 2006 – present
Age: 28
Birth date: 6 January 1985
Hometown: Litchfield Park, Arizona
Mechanic: Wes Brown
Nickname: Lutzinator
Hobbies: Spending time with family

Chassis: Team Durango DNX408
Engine: Alpha Plus Ryan Lutz Edition
Tyres: AKA
Fuel: Byrons
Electrics: Futaba
ESC/Batteries: Tekin/ProTek

Durango, Alpha Plus, Byron Fuels, AKA, Futaba, Tekin, ProTek RC, LutzRC, LiveRC, 92Zero Designs, Paint by Ron, PT RC Racing Oils, 4 C Hobby Supply, R/C Hobby of Medina.

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Favourite track: Old Freedom Hill Detroit track
Favourite Event: Psycho Nitro Blast
Best RC moment: TQing 3 rounds by about 16 seconds each at 2007 ROAR Truggy Nats.
Goals : Win some nationals and the Worlds
Best RC buddies: Carson Wernimont
RC Rivals: Whoever is on the track with me

In his own words:

My father has had a hobby shop for most of my life. I grew up with him laying me down in the front yard and him running me over with his custom built twin engine USA-1 monster truck. I started racing at 7 with stock stadium truck. By 9 was running gas 1/10th truck. Did a little flat track concrete oval and carpet banked oval in the winters from 7 – 13 years old. Started running 1/8th buggy at 12 by begging my dad to let me drive his at his friends house and I promised I wouldn’t crash. So he let me try it and I didn’t crash so I got one.

I did the CRCRC midwest gas champs as my big race each year from the time I was around 9 -14. I think the year I was 13 or so I TQ’d the event in 1/8th buggy ahead of Drake and a few other fast guys. When I was 14 I ran at the Freedom Hill Detroit track for the Kyosho Challenge and I made the A-main and finished 2nd being a no name kid from Ohio. In the main they even gave me a 5 second stop and go penalty for roosting a marshal!! (It was a loamy track and I don’t think they wanted some no name kid winning the race!) I ended up loosing by just 5 seconds.

Around that time Richard Saxton (with Thunder Tiger) had offered me and my dad a full ride with Thunder Tiger for 1/8th and AE for 1/10th but my dad turned it down because he didn’t believe in the Thunder Tiger. So we ran 50% with Mugen for the next 7 years where the only big race I did each year was the CRCRC gas champs. I did a quick 1 year culinary arts college degree and when I returned I did the midwest Pro Series and won my division. Dave Kingston with Panther at the time who was also from Ohio noticed me and offered me a Panther tire deal and also got me hooked up with JR, Blue Thunder, and a couple other sponsors. I finally went to a big race in California (first time west of Indiana) in 2005 for the R/C Pro Finals and I did very well. When I got home I received a few different offers from various chassis sponsors and I ended up going with Kyosho on a full travel deal.

6 months in to racing for Kyosho they asked me to attend a race and I said I couldn’t go because I had to work (was Food and Beverage Manager at our local bowling alley) and Joel Johnson who was the main man at Kyosho America said well ‘why don’t you come work for us, we will give you all the time off you need to go race’. I said ok and within a month moved out to California to become Kyosho team manager at the age of 21. I remained with Kyosho for 2.5 years and thoroughly enjoyed the time and experience there but I wanted to concentrate on my racing more as I felt if I could race more instead of sitting behind a desk that I could really improve my game.

Tamiya was just getting into the 1/8th scene and so I decided to make the switch to them and give it a go. I ran for Tamiya for nearly 2 years and it was another great learning experience. Bringing out a new platform can bring about it’s challenges but I was getting to do what I loved and learned a lot yet again. Then I had a personal falling out right before the Thailand Worlds in 2010 and I left Tamiya with no where to go. Fortunately I had quite a few offers as soon as news broke that I had left and in talking with the various companies, Jason Dearden with Durango really impressed me with the company philosophy and it just felt like it was the right place to go. So I signed a 10 year deal with Durango and am loving every minute of it as we work hard to bring the best vehicles to market for everyone in the world!

Career Highlights:

– 2007 ROAR Truggy Nats TQ, 2nd Place.
-2008 R/C Pro National Champion in Buggy and Truggy.
– 2011 4WD SC Nationals TQ and 2nd Place.
– Multiple time Psycho Nitro Blast Champion.
– 2012 Dirt Nitro Challenge Italy Champion.

Key Sponsor & Product Changes:

– Jan 2011, signed 10-year deal with Team Durango
– Late 2009, moved from Tamiya to Team Durango on short term deal
– Jan 2010, switched from OS engines to Alpha
– Late 2008, left Kyosho for Tamiya & Sirio for OS

Lutz and his unforgettable radio control Pumpkin @ ’09 Nitrocross

Lutz gives Tebo a Champagne Shower