Career: 2001-present
Age: 38
Birth date: 31/3 1974
Hometown: Norrtälje
Nickname: Gus
Hobbies: Travel, RC, Motocross, Ice Hockey

Chassis: JQ Yellow Edition
Engine / Motor: OS Engines
Tyres: Beta
Fuel: Werks

JQ Products,OS Engines, Beta Tires, Ghea Racing, Werks Fuel, Matokiller Graphics, RC Pro Thailand, Minicars / Futaba.

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‘Gus’ as he is affectionately known by pretty much everyone, arrived onto the racing scene fairly late, but had plenty of natural talent; originally part of Fredrik Mathiesen’s Kyosho Sweden team he then spent a few years racing Mugen; always at the front fighting but his time really came 2005-06 as  he raced the worlds warm up in Jakarta, Indonesia and finished a strong 4th, his competitiveness that year was backed up by the Nordic Championships win in Finland. 2007 his move to Losi saw his form dip, but return in a great battle for the 2008 Swedish nationals; chasing Svensson all the way to the flag. A wonderful personality to be around in the paddock.

Favourite track: Botkyrka, Robertsfors
Favourite Event: Worlds
Best RC moment: 4th preworlds-06
Goals : Having fun and win some races
Best RC buddies: Mikael Jonsson, Cederberg, John, Ilias and JQ
RC Rivals : Theres many:-)

I started RC racing in 99 after having a motocross career that ended with injuries. Being into RC now for these years made me a lot of friends around the world, and the sport has been great to be involved in. Highlights in my career has been to travel to so many countries and learn about different cultures and meet people who share the same interest…and enjoyed good racing.

Career Highlights:

– 2005, Nordic champion 4wd Electric
– 2006, Preworlds indonesia 4th
– 2006, Nordic champion Finland
– 2007, 5th Euro Warmup Auxerre,France
– 2007, National Champion 2wd Electric

Key Sponsor & Product Changes:

– May 2009, switched to Team Associated
– Mid 2007, switched from XRAY to Losi
– Late 2005, moved to XRAY
– 2005, drove Mugen Seiki

Rare photo of Gus with his alternative colours