Career: Student – present
Age: 19
Birth date: 16-06-1993
Hometown: Espinho
Mechanic: Horacio and Manuela Monteiro (parents)
Nickname: “Monteiro”
Hobbies: Sports that include some effort,not fingerly talking hehe

Chassis: Losi 8 2.0 EU
Engine: RB B11
Fuel: RB Fuel
Electrics: Spektrum

Sponsors: Horizon UK, Losi, Spektrum, Minimodel, Novamodel, Modelcar, P-S-R, rcallstickers.com

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My father was a driver for some years and when I was like 10 or so I didn’t enjoy much of r/c racing, but suddenly one day, when I was about 13 something hit me and I never stopped since then…I found a way for my father to leave (he was getting In my way too many times 😀 ) and we´ve been a team since then. Racing In the last 5 years was always Improving, with sponsors appearing from year to year, and my passion for r/c getting bigger and bigger. But one thing that I really like is the tremendous people that you get to meet on the r/c business… 😉

Favourite track: I like almost every track, as long as they provide fun and good competition
Favourite Event: European/World Championships and the neo race
Best RC moment: Winning the euro B in spain last year.
Goals: For now, be in the main final for the Euro A, and try to be Portuguese Nats Champion
Best RC buddies: Several portuguese drivers(Duraes, Bife,etc), I got to meet Bryant Baldo in the euro B (really nice guy), Phil of course for the help on the past year xD
RC Rivals: Carlos Durães (I always saw him as main rival, but sometimes when I can I call him for some track practise, always help to improve when you go with someone with close levels of racing.

Career Highlights:

– European “B” 3rd Qualifier, Winner as Team, as Junior, and Main winner.
– 3rd European Junior at the euros in Austria.
– 5th/4th/3rd overall on the national championships (2008,2009,2010), with several podium spots and also win.
– 3rd at the European “B” warmup race

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