Career: 1993-Present
Age: 26
Birth date: January 10th 1987
Hometown: Annecy
Mechanic: Manouche, JT, myself
Nickname: The Shark, Sharky
Hobbies: Ski, mountain bike, hiking

Chassis: Xray XB9
Engine / Motor: Orion
Tyres: Sweep
Fuel: Runnertime
Electrics: HighestRC / Futaba
ESC/Batteries: Orion

Xray, Orion, Sweep, HighestRC, Futaba, Runnertime, Maugrafix, Lucky7RC, Ultimate

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I started RC when I was five! My dad was a racer. Every Sunday during lunch break I had a few laps, walking behind the car! Then I started to climb the driver stand and started racing at 6! Every week end was full on traveling and racing, and it was often not easy with school! I was B French Nats champion when I was 14 in 2001. I then had to go to the famous A championship, were the likes of Lachat, Lenoard, Aigoin, who were fighting for the title. Some people said me when I got there that I was too young and I would be eaten, as those guys were like sharks! I was fascinated by sharks since my young age and couldn’t do anything else than smiling! I think my logo was born around that time in 2002!
I then climbed the stairs and had my best season in 2008, being French nats champion, European champion, and getting 3rd at World Championship in Charlotte!

I then decided to stop working as a thermal engineer to get fully involved in RC and became pro in 2009. It has been 3 successful years then, as I could enjoy racing everywhere in the world, living the dream in Australia and USA. I’m looking forward to the future with all my dedicated sponsors and friends! Thank you everyone who support me every day, special thanks to my fiancée Julie and my 2 mechanics JT and Manouchka!!


Favourite track: C-netic track in Surabaya, Indonesia. This track is just amazing! So much work, preparation to make every jump perfect!
Favourite Event: The Dirt, AZ. For me, it’s just the image of what an RC race should be! Many hours of racing, tons of drivers, nice weather! The work! Not even mentioning it makes me remember my period in USA!
Best RC moment: Winning the euros. All 3 have been great! The 3rd one was maybe the most beautiful, as the most difficult as I was struggling in qualifications. Rising to the top is difficult, but staying there is even worse!!
Goals: Keep doing what I like for a long time! Have fun, then the results follow! Of course on a long term strategy I want to create my own business and sell the products I’m running, but I don’t feel it really now.
Best RC buddies: Manouche and JT!!
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