Age: 17
Birth date: 23 April 1995
Hometown: Toulon, France
Mechanic: Slimane & Zak ( My father & brother)

Chassis: THE Car JQ products
Engine / Motor: Nvision
Tyres: Procircuit
Fuel: Meccamo
Electrics: KO Propo

Sponsors: JQ products, Aigon Racing, Meccamo, Prostik Graphik, Dyna paint, Modelisme passion, Mumuch Parts

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It was my father who started my passion for RC, I started when I was five back in 2000 with a Mugen, I took part in the GP of Pierrefeu (I thank the president of the club for giving me the push to do the first race). When I was 11 in 2006 I attended my second big race which was the ‘French Regional Cup’ I finished 2nd with my MBX5 and gained a lot of experience. It is from that that day I knew the family of Savoya! The following year I attended all of the French Championship National round. During the 5th round I finished 4th which was a big result for my family and I!

2008: I took part in the French championships which I later won, becoming French Champion with Mugen MBX5R, GRP engine and tyres.

2009: I started the championship of France Elite with top French drivers such as Reno Savoya, Yannick & Jerome Aigoin, Jerome Sartel and Guillaume Vray. I made my first elite final with my Mugen and raced against some of France’s top drivers! My first European Championship was Gland in Switzerland, I finished 10th from the 5 rounds. I stayed in the semi-final because I had a problem with my radio.

2010: Second European Championship in Spain Valladolid, I finished 5th at the end of 5 rounds and finished 8th in the final, I was very happy 🙂

2011: I accepted a new challenge, after many tests with new hardware I agreed to race the JQ The Car!

2012: This was the year I raced with the excellent JQ The Car, The Engine & Procircuit. I took part in the European championship in Austria which was great. I also placed 7th in the French championship.

Favourite track: Thunder Halley.
Favourite Event:
Best RC moment: I have three greatest moments, when I won the french championship National in 2008, my first final in french championship in Elite with the french top drivers in 2009 and finished second behinnd Robert Battle in the third rounds of European championship in Austria .
Goals: My goals is my dream, to have a big level international ! I always improve and make exelent results, to make the finals European championship and to make the World championship! And more again !
Best RC buddies: I do not really have any best friends in the world of RC, but I appreciate Savoya Familly, Bacro Familly, Lattanzio, Family Aigoin and the team JQ Familly
RC Rivals: Everyone can be a competitor, you should never neglect a person


Career Highlights:

2006: Second in French regional cup
2008: French championship National
2009: First final French championship Elite
2010: 8th European Championship B
2012: 7th French championship, 3rd Gp of Pierrefeu

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