The ASIA Contest returns!


The only event that keeps on drawing racers back year after year in Asia is of course the ‘ASIA Contest’ – back in 2015 for it’s 3rd anniversary – expect lots of racing, nightlife (what happens in Pattaya, stays in… Lads), beer, hangovers, tyre & chassis wear and epic waterfights – all hosted Charlie’s iconic PRC facility in Pattaya, Thailand.

2014 ASIA Contest Photo Gallery | ASIA Contest Atmosphere

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NeoBuggy will once again be covering the BittyDesign styled event which has an entry limit of 192 drivers, split between Pro and Open class in a 3 day format, Friday with free practice, Saturday qualifications and the special one-off race ‘Thai VS Foreigners’ for the top qualifiers – a popular crowd pleaser including LCQ and superpole.

More details on the new racetrack layout to be revealed soon, a dedicated website  for the Event is available for all the drivers that can stay updated following also the Facebook Page of the Contest.

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Tyler Vik re-signs with XRAY for 2015

v_Tyler Vik_resign baner

XRAY is happy to announce that USA’s  Tyler Vik has re-signed with XRAY to be part of the team in 2015. Tyler is the winner of many major US offroad races, and multi-time US offroad national finalist. Tyler is a multi-class offroad driver on the track, and class act off the track. He will race with the XB8, XT9, XB8E, XB4 and the XB4 2WD for 2015.

Tyler says, ”I am happy to continue to be part of the XRAY factory team, and look forward to showing the performance of the cars throughout the 2015 racing season. The progress we have been doing with both 1/10 and 1/8 off-road cars is impressive and I am excited what this year will bring me. I will travel to all the major US races so do not hesitate to see me. I’d like to thank the Hudy family, as well as Ralph and Bryan at RC America for making this possible.”

Source: XRAY

Schumacher uncages the Cougar KF2


The new Cougar KF2 is a professional, high performance 1/10th scale 2WD racing buggy, based upon the ground breaking, multiple national championship winning Cougar KF. The KF2 includes an adjustable motor position for optimum weight distribution on high or low grip tracks. Among the KF2′s many other refinements is an all new black alloy chassis, new bodyshell, alloy chassis stiffeners, new lightweight side gears and new QUAD pad vented slipper unit. These and other exciting features make the new KF2 more reliable, easier to work on and above all, faster!

The Cougar KF2 is equipped with industry standard 12mm hex front and rear wheels and Schumacher’s legendary Big Bore Shocks to soak up the bumps. Set to be released in kit and pre-assembled versions in late-January.

KF2_side_NB_1000 KF2_rear_strap_1000 KF2_Quad_Slipper_1000 KF2_plan_1000 KF2_centre_NB_1000 KF2_Hex_Ball_500 KF2_FTQ_NB_1000 KF2_FTQ_1000

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New XRAY XB4 composite spur gears

XRAY XB4 Plastic Spur

XRAY quiets down the XB4 buggy with their all-new composite spur gears. These gears are mad up of specially formulated composite material, designed for precision, durability, and stamped with size for easy identification. Available in 78T, 81T, and 84T.

Source: XRAY

Troy Lee Designs Losi TEN-SCTE


As one of the most successful short course trucks of all time, the TEN-SCTE has made its presence known with podium worthy speed and authoritative four-wheel drive. Not only has the TEN-SCTE walked away the 2013 and 2014 ROAR National Champion, it has also been the go to SCT for some of the biggest names in R/C racing including Dakota Phend. For this edition of the TEN-SCTE, Horizon Hobby partnered with Troy Lee Designs to create a trim scheme that pays homage to the world of short course racing.

The result is an exclusive design that sets it apart from nearly every other R/C truck on the market. Using AVC Technology, you’ll be able to push the limits of a 3900KV Dynamite® brushless motor at speeds up to 45MPH and make the most of a high performance 130A ESC. The LOS03005 version of the RTR also includes a high-capacity Dynamite® 4000mAh LiPo battery and fast-charging AC peak charger makes this RTR arrangement perfect for anyone looking to hit the ground running ASAP.

ten-scte-troy-lee-05 ten-scte-troy-lee-04 ten-scte-troy-lee-14 ten-scte-troy-lee-13

Source: Losi

Dynamite unveils UltraForce charger

Dynamite Charger

The new Dynamite Passport™UltraForce, 220W, AC/DC Touch Charger is a rugged, small footprint, multi-chemistry, AC/DC battery charger with a fully functional touch screen user interface allowing novice, intermediate and experienced users to quickly charge their 1 to 5C, Lithium or Nickel Metal batteries. This single channel powerhouse charger is designed to charge larger capacity packs in a lot less time.


  • Powerful 15 Amp, 220W Charge Power
  • Effective 5 Amp, 25W Discharge Power
  • Charges LiPo/Li-Fe/Li-Ion (1–6 cell), Ni-MH/Ni-Cd (1–15 cell) and Pb battery types
  • 2.1A USB Charge Port
  • Highly visible display, full function user interface
  • Smart device charging port

Source: Dynamite

Hanna & McGinty win Colonel’s Classic

Griffin Hanna

The annual Colonel’s Winter Classic took place in Savannah, Georgia this past weekend with 260+ entries. With 30 racers in 2wd Mod Buggy, it proved to be one of the most exciting classes of the weekend. At the sound of the A-Main tone Viesins, Melton, and Hanna took off wheels spinning. With in a lap or two, Viesins and Hanna were able to make a move into the 1 and 2 spot. They battled the whole 10 min race trading places with each other. Hanna was able to get into the lead. The racing got exciting with Viesins last minute charge to try and take the lead, but fell short. Tekin’s Griffin Hanna would go on to win with Viesins second, and Tim Smith third.

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Losi RTR Petrol/Gasoline 8ight Buggy

TLR04000 Image 02

The Losi® 8IGHT™ 4WD petrol (Gasoline for our N.American friends) buggy puts podium proven buggy excitement at your fingertips with the reliability of petrol power and much more. Thanks to an impressive Dynamite® .31 ci petrol engine, you can now experience all the 8IGHT has to offer now with unprecedented convenience.

As the first petrol powered buggy of its kind, the 8IGHT will run longer and require less maintenance compared to its Nitro fuel powered competitors. This version of the 8IGHT buggy comes with the same ROAR National Championship winning driving characteristics that sent it to the podium for a superior driving experience right out of the box.

TLR04000 Image 05 TLR04000 Image 01 TLR04000 Image 03 TLR04000 Image 04

To better accompany the upgraded power and national championship driving characteristics the Losi 8IGHT buggy also comes with AVC™ (Active Vehicle Control™) Technology. Using AVC, you’ll be able to drive faster with more control and get the most out of the ridiculous power and precision the 8IGHT gas buggy packs. This outstanding RTR package includes a Losi starter box for hassle-free reliable starting whenever you want to scratch your itch for ballistic petrol buggy action. Join the petrol revolution today.

Lebron & Marrero win at SOR Rd.1

SOR Round 1

Last weekend hosted Round 1 of the SOR Championship in Puerto Rico. The Fajardo R/C Track provided racers with a fantastic layout to kick off the racing season. Qualifying was dominated by Miguel “Cayey” Cotto, who captured the TQ position in 1/8 Buggy, and 1/8 Truggy. Cotto’s domination ended there, as Orlando Lebron charged his way to the front for the 1/8 Buggy win ahead of Andy Baez and Jorge Estevez. In 1/8 Truggy it was Jerome Marrero who took home the gold, with Arnaldi Pastrana and Christian Castro in tow.

image2 (2) image3 (1)


Fischer signs 2-year deal with Kyosho


The Danish 1/8 Buggy Champion, Oliver Fischer, has chosen to continue with Kyosho/Robbe Germany through 2016. This partnership will allow Fischer to continue running the Kyosho, Orion, AKA, and KO Propo equipment that helped take him to the top step of the podium more than once in 2014.