Neo14 Main Final Video


Live RC have kindly uploaded their full length video of the Main Final from Neo14, the final is split into two videos, with a short one showing the start and a second longer clip with the rest of the final. Enjoy!


New Dirt-Tech Inserts from JConcepts

New Dirt-Tech Inserts from JConcepts

JConcepts has upped the ante with the release of the new Dirt-Tech closed cell inserts. Gray in color, the new inserts are designed in conjunction with tyre insert guru, Brian “Dirt” Kinwald to bring the ultimate touch and feel while providing utmost durability. The 2wd | 4wd rear and 4wd front insert has alternating shallow and deep cuts on the outside which touch off against the tyre inner carcass providing a cushy response and feel.

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Athens ElectroChamps 2014 – Details

Athens ElectroChamps 2014 - Details

For the 4th consecutive year the two day 1/10 electric off road event will take place at the Fanatix Racing Track facilities on the specially built dirt track which now features an additional 30% of astroturf added. Taking place across the 21st-22nd of June 2014 this large event will again host all three classes (2wd, 4wd and SC) with some of the best racers in Greece competing.

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Neo14 – Monday Photos


AT4_1791 AT4_1662 AT4_1670 AT4_1679AT4_1688 AT4_1698 AT4_1704 AT4_1709 AT4_1714 AT4_1721 AT4_1730 AT4_1734


AT4_1737 AT4_1741 AT4_1746 AT4_1751 AT4_1754 AT4_1761 AT4_1766 AT4_1776 AT4_1779 AT4_1785AT4_9191 AT4_9154




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Barry Abbott wins HNMC Summer Rd1

Barry Abbott wins HNMC Summer Rd1

This past weekend saw HNMC kick off their summer series with 65 drivers in attendance. Nitro buggy qualifying went to Tommy Chung with Bart Banach taking the E-buggy and Mark Gregory the truggy. That being said it was Barry Abbott who claimed the overall nitro buggy victory finishing ahead of Steve Johnson and Darren Warburton who finished second and third respectively. 

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Xray Buggy GP Italy Invitation

XRAY Challenge Adriatic 2014

All Xray drivers are invited to attend the Xray Buggy GP Italy which is due to take place at the Fermo Cross Village track across the 14th & 15th of June. The event see’s three classes being run which includes 1/8th pro, open and electric with such drivers as Miguel Matias and Martin Bayer in attendance amongst others. Find out more here.

Ty Tessmann dominates Neo14


Ty Tessmann’s double victory at Neo14 will go down as one of domination – a driver at the peak of his powers, if not prior, then now going into events as the favourite to win regardless of venue or history – history has been made today as the Tebo era of Neo domination comes to an end. His record of 5 Neo victories may never be surpassed let alone equalled, however his achievement is still outstanding even if the day, weekend and dare we say… year has Tessmann’s name on it ?

The final kicked off with a pair of lively semis and even more so Last Chance saloon race, first off – casualties in the semi finals, the big scalp was sadly Darren Bloomfield, breaking just before the straight he was unable to make it back with enough time to try and make the Last Chance, the watching audience were denied given Bloomfield’s pace and turn of speed in his semi. A big upset. With the ‘A’semi being considerably faster than the ‘B’the grid was pretty much ordered ‘A’,B’ and LCS – the Last Chance was eventful to say the last, Yannick Aigoin on pole and leading them round till he fell back, Martin Bayer took over, but at one point all three Associated prototypes occupied the top 3 – Ryan Maifield missing the direct cut in the semis due to a engine flameouts during refueling. It looked like Neil Cragg would make the grade, but a backmarker caused him issues and ruined his chances, allowing Bayer, a racey looking Atsushi Hara and Maifield sneak into the Neo14 final.


The main  - after Mogsy and his fire breathing antics had succeeded in warming the crowd, Ty Tessmann got away clean, Tebo tangling and falling to fifth pushing Ronnefalk into p2 with Cody King just inches behind, until Ronnefalk put a move on Tessmann in the stair case section to take the lead only to have a tiny nibble of his wing from Tessmann preventing him from keeping it but for a corner – Tessmann regained and all in order with Tebo up to 4th.


Further bobbles from Ronnefalk dropped him back gifting 2nd to Cody King but with a gap to Tessmann infront, 5 laps in Ty was strengthening his grasp with a slender lead to King, until Tebo with a bad landing went tumbling, not losing a position but buckets of time almost allowing Boots, Savoya to almost have a sniff. Meanwhile outfront Cody King steamed right up to Tessmann’s gearbox, perhaps rattling and surprising Tessmann, Cody wasted no time in proving why he won a World Championship, swiftly picking his moment as Tessmann landed a touch wide, Cody swept past 8 mins into the final.


However for all that was beautiful, Cody came up short on a corner jump and Tessmann said thank you very much and started to lay the hammer down, eeking out an advantage as Cody King put in the drive of his life to try and keep Tessmann honest out front, the pair played out a tense thriller with King clearly having not followed Tessmann’s preferred script for the final of an easy lights-to-flag victory – as it happened, Tessmann did lead from start to finish but with constant pressure from Cody King. It proved a close-r finish then expected, King only 4 secs down the road, who knows if it had been 5mins longer?!! All in all both first, 2nd and 3rd delighted with the finish.


For much of the final, Jared Tebo occupied third, losing touch with Cody King he was challenged by Reno Savoya until XRAY’s top qualifier fell back a touch, passed by Ronnefalk who at one point was looking like the fastest car on track… until a few mistakes made sure that at best he was racing for 3rd. Tebo looked out of sorts, not his usual very assured confident fluid, fluent self – just not his weekend, as mistakes crept in and Ronnefalk was able to capitalise and steal the last podium spot. Reno Savoya’s Neo14 ended on a low after such a high of taking TQ, the first non-US driver to do so, the Shark had an overheating throttle servo cook itself with only 7mins to go, a sad end for Savoya who looked on course for 3rd.


In the end a very deserved win for Ty Tessmann who clearly found his mojo midway through qualifying, TQ’d Q4 & Q5, won the Dash4Cash, won the Vampire Racing Electric class and promptly won Neo14 in stunning fashion the hard way, the young Canadian proved why he really is the World’s #1 right now.

A massive thank you to every one involved,  you know who you are – Lewis, Wes, Andy, Kong, Ben, Elliot, Tinny, Chaz, Ricky, Mark the whole of DXR crew, racecontrol – Kevin, Sue, Rob, Diane, Mogsy, Jason, Kevin, Arno, our commentators for the weekend Rob Rasey, DJ Ben Williams and Tony Truman & all our take down crew!

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Tessmann wins Neo Vampire Electric

Tessmann claims Vampire Electric Victory

Ty Tessmann took a deserved victory in the Vampire Racing electric class after a chaotic start to the final which saw plenty of crashes but Ty Tessmann would emerge closely followed by Lee Martin and Jared Tebo, the top 3 freight training round the track quickly opening up a lead over the rest of the pack.

A bad landing from Tessmann would allow Lee Martin past however his lead proved short lived as Tessmann soon snuck by without too much trouble and led the rest of the final accordingly for the rest of the final taking a pretty easy victory, Tebo briefly challenged Tessmann for the lead, however the 5x nitro champion would finish 2nd to Tessmann whilst Adam Drake passed Lee Martin towards the end to take the last spot on the podium.

Photos from today’s racing can be found here.


Vampire Racing Electric Final:

  1. Ty Tessmann – 20/10’5.248
  2. Jared Tebo – 20/10’12.974
  3. Adam Drake – 20/10’13.367

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In the Spotlight: SOAR 998 buggy


Alejandro Daras (20) – Neo14

Chassis: SOAR 998
Fuel: Byron Fuel 25%
Tyres: Sweep Micro Contracts Ultra soft, Pink inserts
Radio & Servos: Futaba 4PKSR, SOAR 0823, 0825
Notes: SOAR, title sponsor of Neo14 present their 1/8 buggy the 998, driven by team driver Alejandro Daras and design director Didian Ho. See ‘Introducing SOAR Seiki’ Feature

AT4_0765 AT4_0742 AT4_0743 AT4_0745AT4_0747 AT4_0749 AT4_0751 AT4_0753 AT4_0757 AT4_0759 AT4_0760 AT4_0763

Under the Hood: Elliott Boots


Elliott Boots (21) – Neo14

Chassis: Kyosho MP9 TKI3
Engine: REDS R7 Evoke
Fuel: Byron Fuel 25%
Tyres: Pro-Line Holeshot X4 Blue inserts
Radio & Servos: Sanwa, Sanwa Exces 2
Notes: Clutch setup change for extra punch for the jumps. Running REDS R7 Evoke, smooth power delivery otherwise same as normal. Making his official debut for Byrons Racing Fuel

AT4_0880 AT4_0883 AT4_0884 AT4_0886AT4_0889 AT4_0892 AT4_0894 AT4_0900