AKA’s worldwide tire choice database


AKA has released an innovative new online track data base app to aid in tire selection for tracks all over the world. The tire recommendations come straight from the world championship winning race team and is constantly updated. It’s easy as typing in a track name and hitting enter to see the exact tread patterns and compounds to keep you hooked up in most 1:8 and 1:10 chassis.

CLICK HERE to find the tire of choice near you!

NEMO reflects back on Pierrefeu GP


The annual Pierrefeu GP in the South of France was held recently, and NEMO Racings Darren Bloomfield was on hand to give the local French stars a good challenge. This race has been a fixture on the race calendar for many years, and usually attracts a good entry with some of the best drivers in France and Europe in attendance. While Reno Savoya was ultimately crowned the winner, NEMO Racing reflects back on the event and Darren’s impressive run against his French challengers.  Read more…

XRAY ‘Hard’ silver clutch springs


Are you sitting down ? Good, prepare to be excited by XRAY’s new ‘high-torque’ hard silver clutch springs – OK they’re not actually made from silver sadly, so don’t go melting them down into rings or tiny pieces of cutlery… In all seriousness, the optional harder springs engage later, giving you more options to fine tune your buggy! [Part #358589]

Intech Racing ER-14 1/10 4WD Buggy


Intech Racing have kindly sent us photos of their new 1/10 4WD electric buggy, the ER-14. The new buggy features a centre diff setup, carbon fibre throughout, big bore shocks. Expect the car to be released and available within the next two weeks.

Via Intech Racing

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Setup struggles vanish with ‘Dialed’

Dialed Setups

When travelling to a new track, there is nothing worse than travelling hours and hours to show up and find your car has the worst possible setup for that particular track. Not to mention the overflowing notebooks it takes to keep track of all your setup changes, specific track setups, and notes. All of that is a thing of the past, as Dialed Setups is born! Dialed Setups is an online site and mobile app for racers of all skill levels to share their setups, tips, tricks, and more. Read more…

Boots signs with REDS through 2016

Boots Reds

REDS Racing is thrilled to announce the re-signing of Elliott Boots for the 2015-2016 racing seasons. This will be Elliott’s 2nd and 3rd consecutive year with the team.

Elliott stated, “I have been very pleased with the fantastic support from Reds Racing in 2014, on and off track. The engines have been so good this year and with the personal track support from Mario and Marco which has been fantastic. Looking forward to 2015/16 with REDS Racing”

Source: REDS

Matias takes another Portuguese title

Miguel Matias

This past weekend hosted the 1/10 Electric Portuguese Championship finale. XRAY’s Miguel Matias headed into the final already claiming the 2wd buggy championship title, however, the 4wd class title was still up for grabs. The biggest threat to Matias in the championship, Bruno Coelho, was away at the IFMAR Onroad World Championships in Thailand. This made for a relatively easy win for Matias, gaining his second Portuguese 1/10 Championship title for 2014.

Source: XRAY

REDS prototype ESC wins 2014 GIC

Ogden ESC

The inaugural Georgia Indoor Championship was held this past weekend in Marietta, Georgia. REDS Racing team driver Cole Ogden took home the gold in the 1/8 E-Buggy class, proving the capabilities of the REDS Racing electric lineup of products. In addition to the powerful REDS 1900Kv motor, Ogden was also spotted running a prototype ESC from REDS. We are anxious to see more of the new ESC, and have been told full details and photos will be released in the coming weeks.

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The Centro CT4.2 heads to America


Team Associated drivers looking for a mid-motor alternative to the trusty T4 stadium truck are now in luck! The highly-anticipated Centro CT4.2 conversion kit is now available stateside via RC10.com. Designed specifically for very high-traction surfaces, the Centro CT4.2 Mid Motor conversion for the T4.2 features a hard aluminum one-piece chassis, and molded gearbox and bulkhead assembly that positions the motor in front of the rear wheel centerline, creating a centralized weight balance. Additional tuning possibilities are available with Centro’s range of optional accessories, including front bulkhead brass weights, front bulkhead brace, and carbon-fiber cross brace. Read more…

Alpha teases with new Dragon II

Alpha Engine Teaser

Alpha has released a teaser of their newest creation today, dubbed the ‘Dragon II’. Word is that this new engine features an all-new carburetor, designed for easier, and more consistent tuning and idle. In addition the new engine is said to have improved overall power and speed, and is wrapped in fresh new packaging as well. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

Source: Alpha