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Word of Wheels Whiny Racers

Week after week I scan the armchair experts’ chosen mediums – forums, social media sites, and listen to the latest drama from the previous weekend’s races everyone attended. Ironically it is almost always the same; constant negative comments, complaints, and criticism. 9 out of 10 times, I am not at the event I am reading the raged reviews about, therefore I don’t personally know how the race program was ran, how the track was or was not maintained, whether the rules were fair or not fair, etc.

“The constant whining and complaining will drive you mad, and ultimately suck the fun and desire to be a part of the event all together.”


Pro-Line’s new roll-up pit mat

Proline Pit Mat

It is an unwritten rule in R/C car racing that to be fast, you have to look fast. Looking fast includes have a good looking pit setup. Pro-Line steps up your pit swag with their new roll-up style pit mat. The roll-up pit mat is Pro-Line blue with multi-colored Pro-Line logos printed all around. The mat is made from a light-weight, durable, non-slip and extra thick material that resists most commonly used chemicals found in R/C. It’s time to give the yoga mat back to your wife, and get yourself a REAL R/C pit mat.

Reedy goes long with new 1/10 LiPo

Reedy LiPo

Reedy’s 6000mAh 70C Competition LiPo Battery is intended primarily for touring cars where capacity can be sacrificed in exchange for lighter weight and increased power output, HOWEVER, we prefer to think of it as a new 1/10 buggy OFFROAD pack for those looking to run an ‘old school’ full-length LiPo setup. Reedy’s high-quality, durable hard case helps prevent damage while 4mm socket connectors keeps power-robbing resistance to a minimum.

“Lighter weight allows for greater flexibility when adjusting weight distribution while maintaining the correct minimum overall weight. World-class power output thanks to a high average discharge voltage and low internal resistance makes this battery the natural choice for stock racers looking to improve their lap times. Modified racers will enjoy the added power as well – especially on medium to large tracks where extra power translates into faster lap times.”

Speedzone expands 1/10 LiPo range

Speedzone LiPos

Speedzone has released the latest versions of their Peerless Series Lipo Packs. These packs come in standard 1S, 2S and 2S Shorty dimensions and meet ROAR, EFRA, BRCA, and IFMAR specs. Both the 1S and 2S packs are 8000mah and weigh 158g and 330g respectively. The shorty pack is a 5200mah pack with a weight of 222g. With the high mAh, these 100C packs offer higher run times without compromise to average voltage or resistance. All packs are hardcase packs with inboard 4mm connectors.

Source: Speedzone

Midwest RC Tour – Round 2 report


This past weekend was round 2 of the Midwest RC Tour held in Moline, Illinois at Thunder Road Hobbies, a very nice facility owned by Kevin Bronner. The forecast was looking iffy all week leading up to the race with a chance of rain. This was Ryan’s (owner of MWRCT) home track. Early in the week he stated that he knows the weather here, and if by chance rain does come, the track soaks it up very well so the show will go on as planned! What a show it was! The weather was beautiful both Friday and Saturday with zero rain and party cloudy skies, but attendance was down with only 90 entries for Nitro Buggy, eBuggy, and Nitro Truggy due to the forecast keeping people away. Read more…

Redfox new heavy-duty 1/10 wing

Redfox Racing Wing

Redfox Racing has just released their new heavy-duty 1/10 buggy wing. The new wing is made up of thick 1.5mm Lexan, which is designed to increase durability and lifespan compared to the thinner kit wings. The increased stiffness also is designed to improve stability at high speeds. Sold in pairs, and available now.

solid-wing-110-tt-15mm-hard- (3) solid-wing-110-tt-15mm-hard- (2) solid-wing-110-tt-15mm-hard- (1) solid-wing-110-tt-15mm-hard-

Source: Redfox Racing

Pro-Line release pre-cut lexan wing

pl trifecta

After the original ‘game-changing’ release of the 1/8 lexan wing dubbed the ‘trifecta’, Pro-Line have released a pre-cut version which should help those of us who really aren’t mature enough to be playing with scissors let alone Xacto knives.

The new 1:8 Lexan trifecta wing brings a huge amount of weight savings to the highest part of your buggy and massively lowers your cars center of gravity. This results in faster corner speeds and reduces the chance of traction rolling when faced with high-bite track conditions. The 1:8 Trifecta Lexan wing design follows the tradition set by the 1:10 Buggy Wing and features 3 strengthening ribs and 3 dimples that hang down on each side creating a “golf ball aerodynamic effect” under the wing for added down force and reduced high speed drag.

New to the 1:8 Trifecta Lexan Wing is the center fin piece that adds more side stability to your car and strength around the mounting holes. Carried over from the Molded Trifecta Wing, the Trifecta Lexan Wing includes 2 optional wickerbills (Small & Large) that allow you to tune the performance and downforce of the wing to your liking.
Part #: 6252-17

NeilBuggy: Rd 2 Kent National 2015


NeilBuggy: Rd 2 BRCA Nationals, Kent. Winner: NeilBuggy himself.
Additional Photos: RC Photos Facebook

rvSo we had the 2nd round of the BRCA Nationals this past weekend down in Kent, which might as well be in France its that far down south!

A swift 6 hour drive in my dads new favourite toy, the RV, and we finally rolled up at my hotel, I don’t mind travelling in it but I’m not slumming with him and the missus, a nice shower with a meal and a few beers in a nice hotel/restaurant thank you very much!

I arrived at the track on Saturday morning to find a lot of standing water in the surrounding areas and a pretty wet track, apparently they had a lot of rain in the last few days which meant track prep had to wait till the morning of the meeting. Not a problem for the track crew, we had plenty of time and with a bit of sawdust down, we were ready to rock.

As for the track, not to many changes from last year on an already brilliant track, I love the amount they’re managed to cram in without making it an obstacle course, a cross over that actually works, step ups, double’s and high speed rollers at the end of the main straight.

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JConcepts B5M wing mount & buttons

JConcepts B5M Wing Buttons

The rear wing mount of the Team Associated B5M vehicle is under a serious load during crashes and inevitable direct landings. JConcepts has beefed up the wing mount area with the introduction of the aluminum mounts specifically designed for B5M vehicle. CNC-machined aluminum, available in blue and black color, these mounts are designed in a creative but functional way to add rigidity to a high-impact area. A direct bolt-on part to the popular AE vehicle adds security, high-end looks and peace of mind for the hard-core basher and racer.

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Ultimate 2123 ‘Super Strong’ pipe set

Ultimate Pipe

This is the new Ultimate EFRA 2123 Off-Road Super Strong Pipe Set with Manifold. This high quality aluminium pipe has been developed for competition racing, to provide great throttle control, increased power, and higher top speeds. With its hard chrome-plated finish, this pipe features precise throttle response in the lower rpm range, combined with smooth and linear performance up to the high rpm range to produce great power characteristics and efficient fuel consumption. The Ultimate EFRA 2123 is a great choice for all current 1/8 offroad engines, and has been IFMAR, EFRA, ROAR, DMC and BRCA approved (EFRA# 2123).

Source: Modelix Racing