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Tom Rinderknecht snatches victory at VRC 2018 Season 2 Rd2

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Round 2 of the 2018 Season 2 series for nitro buggies at Psycho Nitro Blast 2012 saw the closest 3-way finish ever recorded in VRC history, with Team Associated team driver Tom Rinderknecht (US) coming out on top just 0.031 seconds ahead of Marshal Kirkholm (US), and 0.071 seconds ahead of Robert Hillman from Sweden. Hillman led most of the race but was passed in the final stretch from the Works wall to the finish line.

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REDS Racing Z8 1/8 speed controller

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Coming soon from REDS Racing is the new 1/8 scale brushless speed controller. The new Z8 is the result of years of testing and development in both off-road and on-road together with REDS Racing team drivers.

Power, control, high quality components and reliability are the foundation of Z8 ESC.

The Z8 1/8 speed controller is available in pre-order with or without the LCD programm box.

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Stage Report: Maxima 2018 IFMAR 1/8th World Championship

Event Information

    • Name: Maxima 2018 IFMAR 1/8TH IC off Road World Championship
    • Date: November 1st -10th November 2018
    • Host: Model Off Road Buggy Club
    • Address: Beechboro Road North Whiteman Park.
    • Website:
    • Contact: Andrew Silvi
    • Email:

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Daniel Kobbevik sweeps Norwegian EP Buggy Nats Rd4

The fourth round of the Norwegian 1/10 Electric Buggy Nationals was held at the SAS track near Sandefjord. The weather forecast was not looking to good, but luckily, the track will be spared by the rain. In 2wd, XRAY driver Daniel Kobbevik was over 2.2 sec faster on best lap, and the only one that put a 9 laps in the qualifier rounds. The track was bumpy, slippery and challenging, so it was a great challenge for all drivers. The wind made also some of the jumps pretty difficult to handle. After qualification was done, D. Kobbevik TQed all rounds from Thorbjørn Døhler (XRAY) and Øystein Døhler (Team Associated). In the finals it was pretty much the same scenario as in qualification, D. Kobbevik pulled away and the fight was about the second and third place between Ø. Døhler and T. Døhler. D. Kobbevik won all three A-mains in front of T. Døhler in second and Ø. Døhler in third.

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SWORKz tool bag

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SWORKz have introduced a new tool bag. This high quality tool bag is made from durable material and is the perfect size for carrying a majority of the tools you will need for a day at the track. The bag features two sides and all the tool slots feature elastic compression straps that will hold tools securely during transportation. The tool bag features a sturdy handle, a quality heavy-duty lockable zipper and comes in red color with SWORKz graphics for looks.

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Nemo Racing A215SV Performance Pack

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Nemo Racing have introduced the Performance Pack for the Agama A215SV. The Performance Pack significantly increases performance and will be included in the forthcoming car. It comes with a new one-piece lightweight wing mount with adjustable height for quick and easy adjustment to the downforce being created by the wing (includes tower hardware and plastic wing buttons), a new 5mm aluminium rear shock tower with updated shape and wing mount multi-fitment holes to house the new wing mount securely to the buggy and a new A and B blocks with the same roll centre as the previous block but a new mounting position and shape allowing for the front differential to be lifted by 4mm. This gives a better balance to the front and rear of the buggy whilst now also allowing for a quick release of the front diff from the gearbox casing.

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Marc De Zwart takes South Cup title

Last weekend was held the third and final round of the South Cup at LAMBC St.Andrae track in Austria. Michael Nalukowy (HB Racing) took the win from Marc De Zwart (TLR) in second and Andreas Gaspar (Mugen) in third. The 2018 South Cup title was taken by M. De Zwart by winning the first two rounds. Philipp De Zwart and Uwe De Zwart rounded out the top 3 at the overall ranking.

South Cup podium here

Interview with Ty Tessmann


Ty Tessmann being in Europe for the Euro championship and also to do some testing, XRAY took the opportunity to ask some questions to the US star.

XRAY: Hi Ty, Firstly, congratulations for the European Championship title! We know you weren´t driving this time, but still you and your dad played huge role in this success! How was it for you to be at the race but not racing?

Ty Tessmann: It was definitely different not driving, it was less stressful in one way because I wasn’t driving but also more stressful being in pit lane which is something I’m not used to and it is very stressful being in pit lane. I now know what my parents go through at all my races.

XRAY: You and Gord were Bruno’s personal mechanics, how did you get along? We know you met few times before, but both you and Bruno were racing at the same time, so was this any different when only Bruno raced?

Ty Tessmann: Bruno is a very easy going guy and easy to get along with. He had a good feel of what the car was doing so it was easy for us to make adjustments on the setup and he fully trusted our judgement, so it all worked together very well.

XRAY: We know your motto is: “Every race I take part in, I go only for the win, no matter if it is World Championship or Club race.” Was it same here? Did you believe from the beginning that Bruno, who mainly races On-road, can win 1/8 IC Euros?

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