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Ronnefalk’s Daily Vlog: Touchdown in Vegas

Hello Vegas!!! ✌️️😃

Posted by David Ronnefalk Racing on Wednesday, 28 September 2016

David Ronnefalk has embarked on making daily video blogs from the Worlds (with a bit of help from his talented sister Julia) using social media in a new way for RC drivers 😉 – yesterday David arrived in Vegas having been testing and after a few hero shots and putting up the tent, he talks us through the 2016 IFMAR Worlds layout! (Video is sadly slightly limited on quality)

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Fast Race “Playing Game” Limited Edition T-shirts


See: Fast Race

You want to match your favorite Fast Race driver’s apparel at the 1/8 IFMAR World Championship? Now you can! Fast Race is offering four “Playing Game” Limited Edition t-shirts available in popular sizes. Your turn to play!

Click to see all T-shirts

2016 Northwest Carpet Offroad Invitational announcement


With the huge success from last years Northwest Astro Invitational, Casey Vitale of Northwest Hobbies and Kyosho America/Team Orion USA Team Manager Joe Pillars have brought it back for 2016…this time on carpet! The 2016 Northwest Carpet Off-Road Invitational will be held at the newly renovated Northwest Hobbies in Albany, Oregon…October 22nd-23rd!

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Worlds Track: Even more build up photos!


A small update of the RC Tracks of Las Vegas track, showing preparations are complete to host the Worlds. In particular, a photo showing the option lane as well.

Click here for more photos

Worlds Flashback: 2002, Greg Degani


Fourteen years ago, Uruguay hosted the first World Championships on South American soil at the Punta del Este tourist destination, Richard Saxton dominated qualifying and was leading the final until he ran out of fuel – missing his pit in call several times gifting Greg Degani the lead after Chad Bradley had also had issues, you don’t win a Worlds purely by luck, your own gear needs to hold as well.

Sadly Greg didn’t keep his Worlds car, instead turning it into one of the first truggys in the world but we do still have a few archive photos especially of that iconic Red O’Donnell cooling head!

World Champion’s Cars:

2014 – Ty Tessmann’s D812
2012 – Robet Batlle’s MBX7
2010 – Cody King’s MP9 TKI2
2008 – Atsushi Hara’s D8
2006 – Mark Pavidis’ MP777
2004 – Guillaume Vray’s MBX5

IMG_2448 IMG_2451 IMG_2452 degani_rcca_may03

Worlds History by Mike Cradock: Uruguay ’02 – USA ’08


A couple of days ago we posted part one of Mike Cradock’s personal memories of past World Championships starting out with Bangkok ’90 and ending with Las Vegas in 2000.

We continue on to Uruguay ’02 to USA 2008 with Argentina 2012 to follow and finishing off with Messina 2014…

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ProTek R/C “Black Label” Brushless Servos


ProTek R/C’s new “Black Label” Brushless Servos operate cooler, are more efficient and insanely fast when compared to standard servos.

Thanks to ultra-reliable brushless motors, the Black Label servos last longer and are nearly 20% more efficient than traditional servos. The efficient motors reduce heat and electric “noise” providing a higher torque to weight ratio.

Machined aluminum, heatsink cases with chamfered edges speak to the Black Label servos’ quality while providing additional heat dissipation. All Black Label servos feature detachable wire leads. Two lead lengths are provided with the ProTek R/C Black Label servos to ensure clean installation and a perfect fit for your car or heli.

LRP Race support at Vegas Worlds


LRP will be on hand to support team drivers and independent drivers/customers running their products in the shape of Andy Kramer, offering support from 2-9th October, lets hope Andy doesn’t have any mishaps like in Argentina 2012… 😉