Age: 29
Birth date: 4th June 1983
Hometown: Chorley, Lancashire
Mechanic: Mick (my dad)
Nickname: Craggy?
Hobbies: Football, Reading

Chassis: Associated
Engine / Motor: LRP engine, Reedy motors
Tyres: Proline
Fuel: LRP
Electrics: Reedy
ESC/Batteries: Lrp/Reedy

Sponsors:Associated, Reedy, Lrp, Proline, CML, Ko Propo, Upgrade-RC.

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A pretty straight shooting guy who has been doing this stuff for way to long, but still enjoys every minute of it. I got into racing electric 1/10th through my dad in 1990, he used to take his car down on the local parks, and when I was 7 he got me a Schumacher cougar for Christmas. I took the usual path to world domination, club meeting, regionals, then onto nationals in 1994. I won my first national race and championship in 1999, and have been fortunate to win 16 in total. I did my first international meeting in 1997 which was a worlds in Pamona, California. I’ve won 8 European titles and just the 1 world title.

Favourite track: Pattaya, Thailand
Favourite Event: Euros and Worlds
Best RC moment: Winning the 2wd 1/10th world championship in 2005
Goals: To have fun while still being competitive
Best RC buddies: Paul Bradby (Bradders), Craig Drescher, Dave Bailey
RC Rivals: Anyone who’s on the track!!! No seriously I don’t consider anyone to be a main rival, I know who I’ll have to beat to win.

Career Highlights: Obviously it was a dream come true to become world champion and win all them euros and national titles, but most of my highlights from racing are just meeting and making new friends, and spending over 20 years doing something with my dad which we both love.


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