XRAY XB8’16 – ‘Making of’ Exclusive Feature by Martin Bayer – part 1 (2 comments)

01XRAY XB8’16  ‘Making of’  Part 1 – Exclusive story by Martin Bayer If you think that you can take a rest at XRAY when you finish a project, well… you would be wrong. There is no time for breaks; the working tempo of the entire internal team, and especially of Juraj, is just insane, but, […]

TLR: Changing the Game or playing games? (1 comments)

TLR posted the following cryptic video on their Facebook page… Shame about the soundtrack! #GameChanger or #MarketingFluff ? What do you think ? Find out tomorrow!

XRAY XB8’16 – ‘Making of’ Exclusive Feature by Martin Bayer – Part 2 (1 comments)

01_N75_6631XRAY XB8’16  ‘Making of’  Part 2 – Exclusive story by Martin Bayer Continued from Part 1… Task #6: Improve the flex The flex of the chassis, braces, suspension parts – as well as overall flex of the cars – are probably the most important factors and characteristics that influence the handling and performance of an […]

JConcepts 1/8 Hybrid wing installation in video (1 comments)

JConcepts 1-8 Hybrid wing installation videoSee: JConcepts Garage (YouTube) JConcepts has added a 1/8 Hybrid wing installation video to the JConcepts Garage on YouTube. Clare and Jason give you the instruction to follow to assemble the Hybrid Lexan wing.

New LC Racing Desert Truck body (0 comments)

IMG_0081See: LC Racing LC Racing have introduced new body for his EMB-DTH 1/14 scale 4wd Desert Truck. The body consists of 6 pieces assembled on a nice-looking roll cage giving a realistic look and and strong enough to withstand big crashes. Realism adds convenience because the roll cages has a hinge that provides quick and easy access to components […]

Yokomo precision machined titanium screws (0 comments)

Yokomo precision machined titanium screws5See: Yokomo | Buy Yokomo products Yokomo are constantly raising the bar when it comes to innovation and quality, and they announced the finest precision machined titanium screws ever released in RC. These are precisely machine grounded and cut to complete perfection, and offer a true fit, which will see these screws never wear or deform […]

Hupo Hönigl doubles at Austrian Nationals Rd2 (0 comments)

Austrian Nats Rd2 podium 4wdSee: XRAY The second round of the Austrian 1/10 off-road nationals were held in the very north of Austria at the wonderful track of the GMAC Litschau. The weather forecast did not look pretty for the whole weekend with a lot of rain and low temperatures predicted. Luckily the race will run without any delays, […]

Schelle Spec kit for B5 series (0 comments)

SCH1011_4See: Schelle | Buy Schelle products Schelle Spec kits let racers deck out a B5M, T5M, or SC5M with a full array of Schelle options. A $135.00 retail value, yours for $85.00 when purchased as a Schelle Spec kit. 7 quality items included: B5M Aluminum Rear Hubs ($44.50 retail) B5M 3-Gear Vented Motor Plate ($15.00 retail) […]

JConcepts Racing Stripes t-shirt, girl not included :( (0 comments)

JConcepts Red-Yellow Racing Stripes t-shirt 1See: JConcepts | Buy JConcepts products JConcepts drops the Red/Yellow Racing Stripes t-shirt into the hardcore community of R/C Racers. Just in time for the summer racing season, the JConcepts Racing Team will be sporting the new t-shirt during the largest events of the year. An off-shoot of the original racing stripes T, the newly […]

Exotek 1/8 aluminum wing buttons (0 comments)

exotek wing buttons 2See: Exotek Exotek have introduced aluminum wing buttons for 1/8 buggy. The heavy duty alloy wing buttons are polished and anodized for bolt on buggy wing mounts. They have an extra large 22mm diameter and they are thicker than 1/10 buttons to securely hold your wing while offering protection from crashes. Many colors (red, orange, […]