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O.S. unveil new ‘Low Profile’ B2102 engine (11 comments)

Originally spotted on Facebook from the Tokyo Hobby Show was this brand new development from O.S. Engines under their high performance ‘O.S. Speed’ brand. The new B2102 engine boasts a very striking ‘low profile’ cooling head – going against the grain of convention which traditionally feature much taller alu cooling heads to take advantage of air […]

Maxima release first Mx B4 engine teaser image (2 comments)

mx-b4See: Maxima Mx Europa Maxima have released a teaser image of the successor of Mx B2R engine, the Mx B4. This engine is based on the new O.S Speed 21XZ-B Spec III and shares his power characteristics between the Spec II and the B2101. Overall it´s easier to access the right power band and the […]

Pro-Line testing new Lexan wing for Worlds? (1 comments)

1p7a3015Photos: Rugspin Graphix Spotted at the recent SiKCross event in California was this rather innocent-looking Lexan wing… which we believe might be a development of Pro-Line’s own lexan Trifecta wing – memorably debuted at the 2014 IFMAR Worlds in Messina, Italy. Thanks to Rugspin Graphix‘ eagle-eyes and a bit of inside info we can see that […]

Arrowmax 4500mAh 11.1V 3S LiPo pack (0 comments)

arrowmax-lipo-4500mah-11-1v-3s-lipo-packArrowmax further expand its LiPo battery range by introducing a 3S 1.1V Lipo pack specially developed and made for 1/8 and 1/10 vehicles. Available in 4500mAh using high quality batteries with 40C continuous and 80C burst rate this LiPo battery is a very unique 3S pack with a 25.1mm thickness, comparable with a normal 2S […]

Worlds Flashback: 2008 Atsushi Hara (0 comments)

EK7C8762_redimensionner-1069589330-OContinuing the nostalgia-fest on NeoBuggy we cast our minds back to the 2008 IFMAR Worlds in Charlotte, N.Carolina – scene of a victory that would go on to shape 1/8 Offroad for years to come – Atsushi Hara winning the first 1/8 Buggy World Championship he attended. Hara and the Hot Bodies D8 turned out […]

O.S. Speed ‘Gold’ turbo glowplugs (0 comments)

os_glowplugsO.S. are hitting the Worlds hard! Following up the announcement of their unique-looking low profile B2102 engine the Japanese engine manufacturer has announced a heap of new ‘bling’ gold plated turbo glow plugs… O.S. tell us that the new turbo glow plugs are gold plated not for style reasons but of course performance – one wouldn’t […]

IFMAR Worlds rewind: 2014, Messina (0 comments)

ty header  Enjoy the most recent IFMAR World Championships final – Messina 2014, watch as Ty Tessmann gets his start horrifically wrong but battles his way through the field.

Pro-Line Transistor 2.2″ 1/10 tyres (0 comments)

transistor-2-2-2wdPro-Line have introduced new Transistor 2.2″ tyres for 1/10 2wd and 4wd buggies. The Transistor tread provides good, consistent steering and is ideal for indoor clay and outdoor blue groove conditions. When compared to the Electron tyres, most drivers feel that the Transistor tyres make your buggy easier to drive, which is an important performance […]

Pro-Line Early 50’s Chevy Panel truck body (0 comments)

pro-line-early-50s-chevy-panel-truck-bodyPro-Line have introduced the Early 50’s Chevy Panel Truck body for all Solid Axle Monster Truck fans. Originally released by Pro-Line in 2001 for the T-MAXX, Pro-Line  is bringing back the nostalgia of the Early 50’s Chevy Panel Truck body that is a perfect fit for all of the Custom Solid Axle Monster Trucks. The […]

Worlds Flashback: 2006, Mark Pavidis (0 comments)

EK7C8205_redimensionner-1069582723-OWind your minds back 10 years to August 2006, back to Jakarta, Indonesia – Mark Pavidis TQ’d but a terrible start in the final saw Yannick Aigoin open up a serious lead only to suffer horrible bad luck, Pavidis would march his way through the pack and secure his long-awaited 1/8 Buggy title after a […]