Career: AKA Products
Age: 40
Birth date: 4/19/72
Hometown: Murrieta, California
Mechanic: Keevin Sharp
Nickname: WC
Hobbies: Motocross, Mountain Biking, Camping and flying rc planes

Chassis: TLR
Engine: O.S. Speed
Tyres: AKA
Fuel: Sidewinder
Electrics: Futaba

Sponsors: TLR, AKA, O.S. Engines, Sidewinder, Futaba, UpGrade R/C

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I got started in r/c in 1984 with my dad flying r/c planes. After several crashes I wanted to get something that did not take weeks to fix and I picked up my first r/c car which was a cox car at the time. My first car that I raced was a Tamiya Super Champ with many option parts. I raced my first local race in 1986 in Costa Mesa California. I have been hooked ever since. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a passion that I wanted to continue the rest of my life. I have raced everything from electric 1/10 off road and on road as well as 1/10 gas touring car and my favourite 1/8 off road. I have won numerous National events as well being the only driver to win titles in 1/10 off road (1995 4wd elec. Off road Japan), 1/10 gas touring (first IFMAR 1/10 worlds Ohio ) and my last title in 1/8 off road in 2006 (Jakarta, Indonesia). I currently still race at as many events that my schedule allows. I currently am the head of design and development at AKA Products so you can usually find me at some track testing new items or just out having fun.

Favourite track: Has to be Kirchlag in Austria the home of a previous 1/8 worlds. Biggest track I have ever raced on….period over 1 minute 10 sec lap times.
Favourite Event: Any IFMAR World Championships
Best RC moment: Winning the 1/8 IFMAR worlds and throwing my radio down to my pit guys after I crossed the line
Goals: To keep developing products that I am passionate about.
Best RC buddies: Keevin Sharp, Joe Pillars, Cody and Paul King
RC Rivals: Brian Kinwald (without a doubt)

Career Highlights:

-2006 1/8 IFMAR WORLDS (winning my favourite class is something most people can only wish for)
-1995 1/10 4wd IFMAR WORLDS (my first Worlds win)
-2002 IFMAR 1/10 World Cup (first IFMAR race for 1/10 gas sedans and my steering return spring in the radio broke 15 minutes into the final and I had to drive the rest of the final with no steering radio return spring
-2003 I won the ROAR Nationals in 1/8 off road, 1/10 electric on road touring car and 1/10 electric off road
-Winning the Reedy Race two times in off road and one time in touring car
-Having the winning tires at 2010 IFMAR Worlds only 3 years in business.
-Being able to achieve all these goals with a supportive family.

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