Career: RC Pro – present
Age: 28
Birth date: 24th December 1984
Hometown: Newbury, England
Mechanic: Jon Dell
Nickname: Leeroy
Hobbies: Looking after my son? Haha, well I will say riding my bike, but I hardly get time too! Or at least that’s my excuse.

Chassis: Mugen MBX7 / Tamiya TRF
Engine / Motor: Beat Novarossi / Speed passion
Tyres: Pro-Line
Fuel: TBC
Electrics: Speed Passion with Hitec servos
ESC/Batteries: Speed Passion

Mugen, Tamiya, Speed Passion, Pro-Line, Speed Power, Muchmore, Kifopaint, Rudebits, Hitec, OCRC Raceway, LiveRC.com, LMR

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I started racing when I got a Tamiya Avante for my 13th birthday! A club run at my school on a Wednesday evening in one of the school halls. I saw it and was instantly hooked. I made my dad come and have a look with me and that was it! After trying to race that second hand Tamiya Avante without much luck, my dad being a fierce competitor himself decided to buy me the best car he could from our local hobby shop. From that point we started traveling to further distance lands and doing as many races as we could, competing in my first worlds at the age of 15. We would continue travelling together until I was able to drive and started taking my self. Father-son relationships were often strained during races and ours was no different but it still creates a bond which we would not have had if we didn’t race together, so I treasure racing for this reason.

I would have a few wild years at ages 18-21 as partying and girls became a factor in my performance, but after I got these years out of the way I knuckled down and started to prepare myself better, practise more and take everything more seriously. Guided still by my father, I eventually became Pro at the start of 2011 aged 26. A late starter to the professional life, I don’t want to take it for granted and continue to apply myself 100%.

Late in the same year of 2011, my father, Peter Martin passed away. He had lived 1 year longer than doctors had predicted and we cherished the moments we had together. I had won the euros again in 2011 aswell as winning the worlds warm up race. Unfortunately I couldn’t convert it into a worlds win, but I will get it one day! Dad also knew myself and my wife liz were to have a baby boy at the end of 2011 and he was overjoyed by this. Unfortunately he was exactly one month short of seeing our sons Scott’s birth on the 5th December, but I know he was watching down on us.

This may sound like a bit of a bio about my dad rather than me, but he was an inspiration for me and my success hinges on him and what he did for me in the past. I will now continue to work harder and harder for him and my family to get that WC!!!

Favourite track: OCRC Raceway
Favourite Event: I love being a part of the Reedy race, but if you have a bad event it can be frustrating, but it still creates fantastic racing! In 8th scale you have to pick Neo buggy. A fresh track with no advantage for anyone, it creates great racing and attracts a great top class field of racers.
Best RC moment: Winning my first European title in 2010. I put a lot of hard work into winning that championship for the first time. I had just joined Tamiya and it was my first year racing with the TRF team and the first year Tamiya produced a racing 2wd car for the masses. But most importantly, my dad had been diagnosed with cancer early in that year and given a short time to live and he was able to see me win the race we used to attend together when I was young. It was an emotional and fantastic achievement.
Goals: To win a World Championship
Best RC buddies: I have many, racing has been a major part of my life since I was young and you often hang out with your racing friends more than your non racing friends. This is why racing is so great, you make so many new friends of all walks of life.
RC Rivals: anyone on the track the same time as I am!

Career Highlights:

– 4 x European champion
– 6 x National champion
– 4 x IFMAR worlds finalist in 1/8th (1) and 1/10th (3)
– 4 x neo finalist
– Pre worlds winner
– Italian job 1/8th champion
– Cactus classic podium finisher
– Nitro challenge USA finalist
– BRCA 1/8th national winner
– 1/8th euro b champion 2008
– Petit RC champion
– 1/8th efra finalist
– JC clash winner 2008

Key Sponsor & Product Changes:

– Feb 2011, switched from running JConcepts tyres to AKA.
– Early 2011, switched from Novarossi engines to OS.
– Oct 2010. switched from Losi to Tamiya in 1/8 Buggy.
– Jan 2010, switched from Team Associated to Tamiya. [1/10 Buggy]
– Jan 2010, switched from Team Associated to Losi. [1/8 Buggy]
– Early 2010, switched from Reedy engines to Novarossi.