Age: 27
Birth date: 4/15/1985
Hometown: Louis, Missouri
Mechanic: Myself
Nickname: Wheels
Hobbies: Anything racing

Chassis: Xray
Engine / Motor: OS
Tyres: AKA
Fuel: ODonnell
Electrics: Futaba
ESC/Batteries: Protek

Sponsors: Xryay,Hudy, RC America, AKA, OS, ODOnnell, Futaba, A Main
Hobbies, Protek, Kiefer Designs, Upgrade, Avid, Dialed RC, Archway
Coatings, Wheeler Financial Group.

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I grew up racing motocross and that was always my passion. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with brain cancer when I was 13 years old. Because of the tumor and treatment I was completely paralyzed on my left side. I went through a couple years of rehabilitation but while in a wheel chair my dad bought me a remote control car and brought me to the local track. I instantly fell in love and had something I could race again. I continued to race as I had rehabilitation and started to win some races. My dad being the race nut that he is started to bring me to a couple bigger races to see how I would do. After a few races my dad heard about the 2002 World championships in Uruguay South America. I had been racing for almost 3 years at this point and could now walk around without a wheelchair. My dad, my brother and myself went to the World Championships for a little vacation and little did we know that I would get 4th place and never stop racing from there. Throughout my racing I stayed in school and graduated from college with a business management and finance degree. I now own a Financial business and love racing as well as working on my business.

Favourite track: Nitro Pit
Favourite Event: Neobuggy or Nitro Challenge
Best RC moment: 4th place
ifmar worlds
Goals: Fun
Best RC buddies: Everyone RC Rivals: Jeremy Kortz
RC Rivals: Jeremy Kortz

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