JornNeumann Vitals:

Age: 22
Birth date: 14.11.1990
Hometown: Leverkusen
Mechanic: My dad and Gerd
Hobbies: Basketball

Chassis: Team Durango
Engine / Motor:Picco
Tyres: JConcepts
Fuel: Runner Time
Electrics: Futaba
ESC/Batteries: Speed Passion/Thunder Power

Sponsors: Team Durango, Picco, Speed Passion, Thunder Power, JConcepts, Futaba, Muchmore, Stickit1, Abec35, Runner Time

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I started RC at the end of 1999. A friend had a Tamiya Porsche Touring car, which we raced on the streets. After a few weeks we found out that their was a club near us. We went to that club a few days later. It was an Offroad club with a dirt track. I was lucky, because my dad bought me a Monster Truck, so I could drive their. This was how I started RC.

Favourite track: NEO for 8th and West Coast/OCRC for 10th
Favourite Event: EOS Series
Best RC moment: Winning the Reedy Race 2012
Goals: Win a World Championship title
Best RC buddies: Hupo Hönigl
RC Rivals: Many:) Daniel Reckwardt, Lee Martin etc.

Career Highlights:

Winning the Reedy Race 2012 and 3 European Championships in 2004, 2011, 2012.

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