Career: 1999 – present
Age: 31
Birth date: April 27, 1981
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Mechanic: Myself
Nickname: N/A
Hobbies: R/C

Chassis: N/A
Engine / Motor: O.S. Speed / Tekin
Tyres: N/A
Fuel: Sidewinder
Electrics: KO Propo
ESC/Batteries: Tekin / Thunder Power

Sponsors: O.S. Speed / KO Propo / Sidewinder / / Lunsford / Avid R/C / Dialed Inc. / PT RC Racing Oils / Tekin / Thunder Power / Competition Heat / Competition Suspension Inc. / / Fioroni / DE Racing / GMK Supply / JConcepts

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Favourite track: Pattaya RC Powerboat
Favourite Event:The Dirt Nitro Challenge
Best RC moment:Acquiring my first sponsor (Fantom) and then my first chassis sponsor (Team Losi).
Goals: To continue on in the RC Industry at a progressively increasing level while also being able to improve upon what and how current products function.
Best RC buddies: Peanut, Drake, Evans, Hara, Truhe, BK
Basically anyone you can shoot the **** with and have proper discussions with where each other is understanding of different opinions.
RC Rivals : Anyone has the capacity to win which makes everyone a rival. By deduction, myself would be the biggest rival as I have the most control over my driving, equipment, preparation, etc… which in turn determines how well you place.

At the age of 14 or so I wanted a R/C Helicopter, the guy at the local hobby shop talked me out of it and into getting a R/C car. I don’t remember if this was due to good intentions, or maybe he didn’t have a helicopter and only has R/C cars to sell. The R/C car was a better call, you can crash them and they don’t break very often. When they do break it’s a relatively cheap fix. The helicopter would have been one crash and it’s over, send in the body bag. I played around with my RC10T (with the narrow front wheels and mechanical speedoo) around the neighborhood for a good while until an indoor track popped up nearby. Went there for a bit to play around for a while, got talked into trying a club race, did it and got the itch to race again but soon after I got a Losi XX-T. I raced locally somewhat frequently for some years until I started to attend a ‘local big’ type race that was a 1.5 hour drive from my home. This race drew some of the big names of the time, Drake, MF, Dunbar, Montgomery and my results from this race brought on sponsorship.

I began with a Fantom and Losi sponsorship, 50% or 75% off or so, did that for a while, my skills improved along with being a good rep for my sponsors induced them to providing higher levels or sponsorship to show their appreciation whilst also compensating me for basically being a sales person. Team Losi had continued to support me at a travel level which sent me to Domestic and International races. In my last year with Team Losi I had inquired about product design in which they were receptive to the idea. One of their former Design Engineers, Jason Corl, along with Mike Bauer, were the individuals handling small odds and ends type of things I would design and also would teach me or aid in correcting errors whilst I learned good design intent with the software I wasn’t very familiar with at the time.

After about 8 years of being sponsored by Team Losi I switched to HPI/ HB starting in 2008 and performed outside contract type product design work for HPI / HB for additional income while also improving my knowledge and experience to allow myself to perform design work full-time. Beginning in 2012 I moved from Ohio to California to work full-time for HPI as a Product Designer while also attending races mainly to see if or what market trends were going on firsthand while also achieving good results with limited time allotted towards R/C car preparation or general practice for myself. Recently economic instability at HPI due to a few things prompted HPI to lay off 12% of their employees and reduce all of the remaining employee’s pay rate 5%. I was one of the employees laid off, which sucks as I was content with the position for the time being.

Career Highlights:

-ROAR National Champ
-RC Pro National Champ
-CRCRC Winter Midwest Nitro & Electric Champ
– Worlds Electric & Nitro multiple time finalist
-Going to the tracks at MINNREG (Clearwater, FL) and Lake Park, FL