Career: 2003 – present
Age: 26
Birth date: 28/09/1986
Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Mechanic: Reno Savoya
Nickname: JT
Hobbies: Squash and Skiing

Chassis: XRAY
Engine: Orion
Tyres: AKA
Fuel: Byron
Electrics: KO / Orion

Sponsors: Xray – RC America – Hudy – Team Orion – AKA – Lucky7RC – The Shark Team

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I started RC racing back in 2003 with a HoBao hyper 7, as it was the only motorsport that I was able to do without any physical risks. At that time my home track was in Clamart near Paris just 5 mins from my home. First year went really good making the main in the junior cup so with my dad as mechanic we decided to continue. I went to the B french championship and made the euro B a couple of time with already a Xray. In 2006, I started the A french championship with a Mugen car and made the euro A 3 years in a row well helped by Reno, who won in the same time his 3 Euros !!!!
In 2009, i moved to Canada for my studies and restart RC racing here, with some travels to the US, racing with Kyosho thanks to Kyosho America. In 2011, Reno moved to USA for RB, and we went to most of the US races together, at that time I became one of his “official” pitmen as he became one of mine too ahah. 2012 was one of my best year of my career, making some great results and awesome races with the Xray cars. The worlds in Argentina will stay my biggest achievement I guess.

I would like to thanks all the people that helped and supported me during all those year and particularly : my dad, my girlfriend Alyeska, Reno, Manouchka, Mark Pavidis, Yann, Reda and PJ !!!!

Favourite track: Hardore RC in Hamilton Ontario, Canada
Favourite Event: Dirt Nitro Challenge 
Best RC moment: 3rd at the 2012 ROAR Nats warm up (truck)
Goals: Have fun with friends
Best RC buddies: Reno, Manouchka and Franco
RC Rivals: Everyone as soon as the race starts haha!


Career Highlights:

— Making the Worlds 2012 in Buenos Aires
– 2nd @ Canadian nats 2012

Key Sponsor & Product Changes:

– Switching from Novarossi to Team Orion for 2013