jeromesartel Vitals:

Career: 1989-present
Age: 32
Birth date:13/06/1980
Hometown: Barlin, north of France
Mechanic: My friend Karim!
Nickname: I don’t really have a nickname, but a lot of people identified me like the pink panther, as she follow me on races since a long time..
Hobbies: Remote control car races, cinema, time spent with friends and family.

Chassis: Agama
Engine / Motor: Bullitt
Tyres: Beta
Fuel: Piranha racing fuel
Electrics: Futaba
ESC/Batteries: LRP

Sponsors: NEMO Racing, Agama, Bullitt, Beta, Piranha racing fuel, Futaba, Jo graphix, LRP

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My brother got his first car when he was 16 years old. I was 6 at the time. After spending some time training on our closest track, he decided to start racing one year after. As the car was not competitive enough to race, my dad bought him a new one and gave me the old car. It was for me the beginning of the story.

I started my first racing season when I was 8, in 1989. It was immediately like a drug! Racing spirit was immediately on me, and I keep in mind all the races where I was crying because something happened to my car. Step by step, I have tried to make my best on each event races I attended. My first big title was in 1992 by getting the European title in 2WD 1/8 nitro (I was like a baby). 1993 and 1994 were my 2 last year of 2WD racing. I was already fighting in nationals against Yannick Aigoin at the time..1995 was a big step as we decide together to move to 4WD.

After a few races lost to learn the class, we were again fighting together in 1998 for the A national title. It was my first A national title. A couple of mouth before, I was on my first world main final in Coimbra, Portugal. It’s now about 15 year I’ve been racing to the most popular races in France and around the world! I’m still really motivated to race! So, let’s work to define our future!


Favourite track: I remember that Pattaya worlds track was completely amazing.. but really fun!
Favourite Event: All the event with world level driver, on a good track! this is the best way to enjoy a race!
Best RC moment: My 1st final in the worlds, my first French tittle will forever stay somewhere in my head / heart 😉
Goals: Continue to enjoy the big event main final! Level is really high today, lot of drivers get a great level! I’m just working to stay one of them.
Best RC buddies: Can’t write names as I meet so many.
RC Rivals: I think my biggest rivals are certainly all the other top French guy as I’m often running against them since now a lot of years.


Career Highlights:

– 1/8 off road nitro 2WD European Champion 1992
– A National Champion 1998-2003-2004
– French Cup winners 2001-2002-2012
– 6 European Championship main final: 1999 (6) – 2001(9) – 2006 (11) – 2007 (12) – 2010 (5) – 2011 (11).
– 2 World championship main final: 1998 (9) – 2004 (6)
– Pierrefeu GP winner 2003
– Montpellier GP winner 2008
– Euro indoor race winner 2008
– 10 x French league 4 regional champion.

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