Career:  2001-Present
Age:  24
Birth date:  March 31st 1988
Hometown:  Oberdischingen, Germany
Mechanic:  Ralf “Bombe” Dennenmoser
Nickname:  Hans
Hobbies: RC, Badminton, Computer Science

Chassis:  TLR
Engine:  nVision
Tyres:  ProCircuit
Fuel:  Nitrolux
Electrics: Spektrum
ESC/Batteries: Hacker

Sponsors: Horizon Hobby, TLR, Dynamite, Spektrum, Ultimate Racing, ProCircuit, Nitrolux, nVision and Hacker

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My Dad got us hooked on rc airplanes early on. Not far from home is a racetrack were we would watch once or twice a year. One year we decided to start racing, and chose to race the large scale off-road class. We went to the races as a son-dad team for many years, and collected 3 German Championships large scale off-road on the way. In 2010, we raced the large scale Euros as a one-off event and finished second. Since 2009 I have only been racing 8th scale. A lot of people have helped me along the way and I am fortunate to have raced NEO, Euros, Worlds and many other international Events.

Favourite track:  NEO11, although my hometrack is getting better and better. The IBR Padova track is also great.
Favourite Event:  The NEO Race. It´s the most well-run event in the calendar for sure. Everybody is racing, and I love England.
Best RC moment:  At the IFMAR Worlds in Argentinia 2012, on the way home from a night in Buenos Aires, our taxi driver took a wrong turn onto the Autobahn, only to turn around on the spot to drive in the wrong direction and out of the Autobahn again. This taxi ride was filled with laughter!
Goals:  Making an IFMAR Main event, NEO Main Event, Euros Main Event
Best RC buddies:  Bombe, Fabi
RC Rivals: A Racer wants to beat everybody so … 🙂


Career Highlights:

– NEO11 Semi Final
– Vice German Champion 8th Scale 2011
– Vice European Champion Large Scale Off-Road 2010

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