Career: Electronics – present
Age: 30
Birth date: 17/12/1980
Hometown: Rotherham (UK)
Mechanic: Rachel Merry
Nickname: Sloppy
Hobbies: I don’t have any other hobbies (RC is my life)

Chassis: Hot Bodies
Engine: RB Products
Tyres: Hot Bodies for Clay / Dirt and Schumacher for grass and Astro turf
Fuel: RB Products
Electrics: HB servos

Sponsors: Hot Bodies / HPI, RB Products, Ultimate Racing, Schumacher, LRP

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I Have been racing since i was 10 years old (born in 1980). I competed in my first RC National in 1992 racing 1:10th elcectric Buggies. My first ever RC car was a Tamiya Grass Hopper bought as a christmas pressent by my parents (what a mistake they found that to be) things moved on very fast from there, Tamiya Fire Dragon, Schumacher Pro Cat, Boss cat, Lazer ZXR, Cat 2000 etc… finishing with T Tech Preditor XK98 in 2001.

2002 I started racing Rallycross for Kyosho and the one and only Mike Cradock using Proline tyres and RB engines
2003 saw me change to CML Distribution, commanding and obeying orders from Sergeant Duggan and running for Hobao Hyper 7, using Proline tyres and RB engines
2004 Continued racing for CML, Hobao Hyper 7, Proline tyres and RB Engines
2005 Continued racing for CML, New car came out and we saw the Hyper 8 Born, Proline tyres and RB Engines
2006 Hyper 8 continued with Proline Tyres and RB Engines
2007 hyper 8 Continued with Proline Tyres and RB Engines
2008 Saw the Hyper 8 go on a diet, Modified massively with a dremal to make a racing machine (this car was AWERSOME)
2009 Move to Mirage distribution where i would race the Hot bodies D8, using AKA tyres and RB engines
2010 Continued racing for HPI Racing using AKA rubber, RB engines / Fuel, LRP, Ultimate racing amd Schumacher.
2011 New edition of the D8 (Hara Edition) Using Hotbodies rubber and RB engines / fuel / LRP Ultimate racing and Schumacher.

Favourite track: Worlds track 1:10th Electric 1997 Ranch Pit stop
Favourite Event: Nitro Challenge
Best RC moment: Winning my first ever National in 2002 Rd by Rd Qualifying (1st Rd1, 111th Rd2, 1st Rd3 1st Rd4, 1st Leg1, 1st Leg2, 1st leg3) what a day!!!! Springfield National 2002
Goals: To win the National Championship after coming so close so many years on the trot.
Best RC buddies: John holmes (Not the porn star), David Bailey (Not the photographer), THE Neil Cragg (RC Legend), Jamie Booth (Well what more can we say!!), …… the list can go on…..
RC Rivals: Neil Cragg, Darren Bloomfield

Career Highlights:

– 3rd at Euros 1998 1:10th electric
– 11th at Worlds in Finland 1999 1:10th Electric
– 2008 Proline Win at slough
– 2008 2nd in the National Championship and missed winning it because David Crompton broke his car with 3 minutes to go!!!!!!!!
– 10th at NEO BUGGY 2010

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