Career: ???? – present
Age: 17
Birth date: 2-2-94
Hometown: Las Vegas
Mechanic: Donnie Rodriguez (Donrod)
Hobbies: Air soft, PS 2, Fishing

Chassis: Kyosho
Engine: O.S. Speed
Tyres: Pro-Line
Fuel: Sidewinder
Electrics: Futaba-XPS

Sponsors: A Main Hobbies, O.S. Speed, Pro-line, Sidewinder ,XPS, AVID, Dialed inc, Tekin, BCE, Kiefer Designs and Lucky7

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Dylan got started in R/C at the age of 10 when I brought home a T-maxx truck for myself and he wound up taken it over from me. From there we got a Ofna 1/8 scale and started running our the local tracks and club races. Dylan started winning club races and won his first Nevada State Championship at age 10 and went on to win it for the next two years. In 2006 Kyosho signed Dylan to his first chassis sponsor then 08 he went to race for O’Donnell racing then finally settling in to Mugen Seiki in 2009 where he seems the most compatible and has had his most success. Donnie Rodriguez

Favourite track: Thunder Alley & Nitro Pit
Favourite Event: 1/8th Nats
Best RC moment:
Goals: Winning and being the best representative I can be for my sponsor
Best RC buddies: Ryan Lutz, Toby Robinson, Daniel Adams
RC Rivals:

Key Sponsor & Product Changes: