Career: 2009-present
Birth date: 7/31/1985
Hometown: Denver, Co
Mechanic: Myself
Nickname: Evans
Hobbies: hanging out with friends, watching and being involved with as many forms of auto racing as possible.

Chassis: TLR
Engine / Motor: Orion
Tyres: JConcepts
Fuel: Nitrotane
Electrics: Spektrum
ESC/Batteries: Orion/Orion

Sponsors: Team Losi Racing, Orion, Jconcepts, Horizonhobby.com, Spektrum, Upgrade-RC, OCRC Raceway, Bradley Fine Line Designs, MIP, and Liverc.com

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I actually started racing R/C when I was 5 years old and was an on and off thing for me growing up. I then started racing go-karts because I always wanted to be a professional race car driver. While I was racing go-karts I would still race R/C some during the winter months. Then at about 17 years old, I got out of racing all together and was not involved in any form of racing till I turned 21. I had begun to miss racing and the competition, so I decided to buy R/C cars and get back into the hobby. Once I got back into it, I started racing a lot and everything just slowly progressed from there. 6 years ago when I returned to the hobby, I never dreamed that I would get to the point I am at now. I have a great support system around me, and I am so grateful for everyone that has helped me over the years, along with all the great people I have met within the industry.
Favourite track: Norcal Hobbies outdoor track when they put 1/10th scale layout on the 1/8th scale track
Favourite Event: Reedy Race, always a crazy event with lots of ups and downs but a very rewarding race to do well at
Best RC moment: Winning the 2011 Reedy race as it was my first major victory, and is one of the most prestigious events you can win. My first 2wd National Championship in 2011 is really high up there as well
Goals: Continue to be successful with racing, help try to grow our industry, be a great ambassador for the sport, and to win a World Championship
Best RC buddies: / Mike Truhe, Matt Castallano, Kody Numedahl, and Matt Chambers
RC Rivals: I don’t know if anyone considers me to have a rivalry with any one driver, but I race Cavalieri the most out of all the top drivers, and have a lot of respect for him.


Career Highlights:

– 2011 Reedy Race Invitational Champion
-2011 HotRod Hobbies Off-Road Shootout Champion in 2wd
-2011 2wd National Champion
– 4th place 2011 1/10th electric World Championships

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