Career: 2004 – present
Age: 18
Birth date: 16 March 1996
Hometown: Karlskrona, Sweden
Mechanic: Adren Bertin and my dad (Pierre Ronnefalk)
Nickname: Davidoooo
Hobbies: Golf

Chassis: HB D815
Engine / Motor: Team Orion
Tyres: AKA
Fuel: Runnertime
Electrics: Ko Propo
ESC/Batteries: Team Orion

Sponsors: HB, Orion, AKA, Ko Propo, Runnertime, Maugrafix, Takashima Design, Team Area51, GHEA, LMR, DCD, Heatit, Dialedinc.com, LiveRc.com, NeoBuggy.net

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I started to drive R/C cars at 5 years age, and 1/8 OffRoad from 6 years after inspiration from the Swedish driver Magnus Amilon. My father had also been flying and competing with R/C plane but stopped to do this as he started to focus on my racing.

I drove my first race at 8 years age and become better for time I was at the track.

was the 3rd year I competed and now I was driving for the new Swedish team TQRacing.se. This was a really good year and at the first race of the season – (Xray Challenge in Denmark) I drove my first 45 minute final.
After that I was driving a regional cup series (Mittsvenska Cupen, group 2). After 3 victories I won the whole series that year.

Still driving for team TQRacing.se. The goal for 2007 was to qualify to the Semi finals in the Swedish cup races, and at one of those races be in the final. In the “Regional” Swedish cup pro group, the goal was to make a top 5 result in the total. The season was really good, and I fulfilled all goals and won the “Regional” Swedish cup. I also fulfilled the goals to be in all Semis and drive one A-main in the Swedish Cup.

is the year I started to drive for Team Kyosho Sweden. I was also happy to get sponsoring from Upgrade-RC who supplied me with first class decal products. This was an amazing year as I was running A-mains in 12 of 15 races. In the Swedish Cup I finished at 2nd place in the total, after some really good races with a Pre-Production version of the new MP9. The victory with most prestige was my “Junior Champion at EC-B” in France after I ended up 8th in the A-main.

In the beginning of 2009 I met Adrien Bertin and got the possibility to drive as a factory driver for Team Orion and use their line of engines and electronic products. The year was really successful and I won all rounds of the Swedish Cup (TQd all except for one). I TQd and won the Swedish Championship as the youngest driver ever, and ended the Nordic season by TQing and winning the Nordic Championship in Denmark. I also started with 1/10 electric offroad, and become national champion in 4wd at my first race (with a borrowed car from Linus Thern). At the International races I TQd and won the Euro-B in Switzerland. Qualified 9th at my first Euro-A. Finished 2nd at Kyosho Masters, Paris after Cody King. And 2nd place at the Pierrefeu GP.

This year started with TQ and victory at Nitromania, Belgium. I was really happy after passing Adam Drake and Elliott Boots in the end of the final. Then I won the Swedish Cup and Nordic Championship for the second year in row. I qualified 8th and ended 6th at the Euro-A in Portugal and become Junior European Champion. This was the first time I drove the World championship for the first time in Pattaya, Thailand. I went there with no expectations at all, I just wanted to see and learn. I finished around 50 I think. In 1/10 electric buggy I become Nordic Champion, Swedish Cup winner and Swedish Champion in the 4WD class.

I had some good results in Sweden while suffering bad luck at the international races. I got my second title as Swedish Champion, won the Swedish Cup for third year in a row. Had a really good race at the Euros until the A-main when I suffered throttle linkage troubles. Was racing in third position in the NeoRace semi when I flamed out because the air filter holder came loose. Led the Dash4Cash at the NeoRace until last lap when I ran out of fuel. But I learned a lot from these setbacks and turned them to success. I attended the 1/10 for my first time in Vaasa, Finland. I finished 15th in 2wd and 21st in 4wd.

Was my best year in my racing career so far. I participated in 25 races and I was in the A-main in all of them. I went to the states for the first time to attend The Dirt Nitro Challenge. It was a new experience for me running so late in the evening with only lights around the track. I qualified dirtily to the A-main and finished on a strong 6th place. I also made the NeoRace A-main for my first time and finished 8th. I led the Euro final for 43 and a half minute when I lost the win to Darren Bloomfield. Finished 2nd at my first Euros in 2wd and made the A-main in 4wd. I TQd 5 out of 6 rounds at the Worlds Warm Up in Argentina. Finished 4th overall at my second World Championship in 1/8.

I have only raced one race so far and it was the Petit Race in 1/10 in Norway. I finished 1st in 2wd after dominating qualifying and first two A-mains, and ended up 3rd in 4wd. I feel like I have momentum going from a great last year (2012) and hope I can make some good results as well this year.

Favourite track: Nitro Challenge, 1/10 Worlds Vaasa Finland
Favourite Event: Neo Race, Nitro Challenge
Best RC moment: 2012 was my best year so far, I made 25 starts and was in the A-main at every race. I TQd 1/8th Worlds Warmup by taking 5 out of 6 rounds. And of course my biggest achievement in my career so far 4th place at the World Championship in Argentina.
Goals: To be World Champ and be a full time driver in the future.
Best RC buddies: There are many out there I can’t say someone specific.
RC Rivals: Everyone that can stop me from taking the number one spot.

Career Highlights:

– 2009, Nordic Champion
– 2009, Swedish Champion
– 2009, Swedish Champion, 1/10 4WD Electric
– 2009, Swedish Cup Champion
– 2009, Euro-B Champion
– 2010, Nordic Champion, 1/10 4WD Electric
– 2010, Swedish Champion, 1/10 4WD Electric
– 2010, Swedish Cup Champion
– 2010, Nitromania, Belgium
– 2010, 6th Euro-A, Portugal

Key Sponsor & Product Changes:

– Late 2014 switched from Kyosho to Hot Bodies