Age: 37
Birth date: September 30th
Hometown: Xanten | Niederrhein – Germany
Mechanic: Matthias Reckward, Johann Teuwsen and Sven Pilotto
Nickname: Danny
Hobbies: Cycling, sauna, rambling and play cards

Chassis: RB ONE R
Engine / Motor: RB BXR
Tyres:RB Speedline
Fuel:RB Fuel
Electrics: Sanwa + Power HD
ESC/Batteries: Sanwa + LRP

Sponsors: RB Products, Sanwa, LRP, Power HD, Reckward-Tuning, TQ Grafix

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For me it´s a great dream that I hunted my rc/car hobby starting in 1985 to the business at 1995 with own distribution company called RMV Deutschland. From day to day job-related I learn so much and upgrading the position. In the end I wish all other drivers good luck at his rc/car events and mark my words … health is better than wealth!

Favourite track: Bischofsheim, Sand am Main, Montpellier and Reims
Favourite Event: NeoUK, German and European Championship´s
Best RC moment: World Title 1998 in Portugal, 3 times European championat and well my 13 german nationals
Goals: To have fun and good racing in 2013
Best RC buddies: Exceedingly difficult to answer because I have plenty of good friends there
RC Rivals: Nobody


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