Career: 2005 – present
Age: 18
Birthdate: July 11, 1994
Mechanic: Dave Door (Dad)

Chassis: Kyosho MP9 TKI3
Engine: Orion
Tires: Pro-Line
Fuel: Byron
Batteries: ProTek RC

Sponsors:, ProTek RC, Pro-Line, Byron Fuels, Tekin, Airtronics, UpGrade RC, Dialed, LiveRC

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I got my first RC car, which was a Traxxas T-Maxx, in late 2003. My dad and I had gone to our local track a few times before that to check everything out. One of our neighbors told us about the track, and there was something about it in the newspaper. For a while, I just drove the T-Maxx around my neighborhood and at a few parks. I got bored with that eventually, so I started doing some races. After a few months, I started racing in the 8th scale buggy class and everything took off from there. I went to a decent amount of big races and was consistently making the A Mains and finishing in the top five in sportsman. I had a lot of rough races in late 2007-2010. During that time I had moved into the expert class at big races and wasn’t ready for it. Things started turning around for me in the middle of 2011. I started running a lot of 10th scale 2WD buggy. The key race for me that year was the 10th scale electric off-road nationals at NorCal Hobbies, which is a little over an hour away from me. I hadn’t been racing or practicing there very much, but I just felt comfortable at that race. I qualified 5th and finished 7th in 4WD mod buggy. That really helped boost my confidence at the track, and it, along with switching to cars that suit me better, helped me a lot through 2012. But of course, I still had some races in 2012 where I wanted to finish better. I hope to build on that this year and start consistently finishing where I want to.
Favorite track: Silver Dollar RC Raceway is definitely my favorite, but I don’t get to run there as much as I’d like.
Favorite event: Even though I’ve only been once, it has to be the NeoBuggy race.
Goals: To start driving the best I can at every race and stop worrying about what’s going on around me.
Best RC Buddies: Dylan Rodriguez and Austin Blair. I’ve known Dylan for almost as long as I’ve been racing. It seems like we’re constantly hanging out at big races. Austin and I race and practice together all the time, so we’ve become good friends over the past few years.
RC Rivals: I don’t really have any rivals, but if I had to chose someone, it would be Austin. We usually finish close to each other at a lot of races.


Career Highlights:

– Qualifying 5th and finishing 7th overall in 4WD buggy at 2011 ROAR 1:10 Scale Off-Road Nationals
– Winning the 17 and under class at Neo ’12
– 2nd at the 2012 JConcepts Summer Indoor Nationals in 4WD buggy
– Making the buggy and truck semi finals at the 2012 ROAR 1:8 Scale Nitro Off-Road Nationals
– Attending an IFMAR World Championship for the first time in my life (2012 1:8 Scale Nitro Off-Road)

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