Career: Team Associated. European Sales Representative – present
Age: 36
Birth date: March 11th
Hometown: Broseley, Shrosphire
Mechanic: Bob Ryan (uncle Bob), The whole UK team
Nickname: Too many to put down:) “growler”
Hobbies: Skiing, golf, running, reading, motor bikes (real ones with chrome not plastic) Preferably HD

Chassis: Team Associated RC8B
Engine: Reedy 121 VR-ST
Tyres: Proline
Fuel: Byron Gen II
Electrics: AE XP, Ko Propo

Sponsors: Team Associated, Reedy, Proline, CML Racing, BC1 Graphics, Custom Blits, Much More, Ko Propo

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when I was ten I wanted a wild willy and my parents said, “what the hell is a wild willy?” I soon changed it to a Tamiya frog and thats where it all started for me. Batley Buggy Club was a small club running indoors with 380 motors on gymnasium crash mats for jumps. It was cool. I was 10 and it grew from there. Jamie Booth and Steve Haynes soon became my idols. They were so big and tall:)

Since then my prime time was in the 1990’s and mid 2000 when I switch to TC from off road. I’d class myself as an all rounder and perhaps this has been my downfall. Switching classes all the time and not sticking with one and going for the big WC. I’m happy with my achievements so its no big deal. I’d like to be better than I am now but “thats life” as they say. Gas is fun but I’ve never felt comfortable with it like I did with electric. Its too much to learn at this late stage in my racing career.

Favourite track: On road is Tamiya in the USA. Off road is Yatabi Arena, Japan.
Favourite Event: Reedy Race of Champions. Awesome spectacle and pure racing. Heads up racing all the way.
Best RC moment: Winning the 2005 Reedy Race of Champions USA when my dad was seriously ill with cancer. Coming home with that Trophy and seeing his face was amazing. He always rated the Reedy races as the toughest and best so I did him proud.
Goals: Now they are to enjoy my racing. Help out the team and I take great pride in seeing up and coming drivers do well.
Best RC buddies: Thats a tough one. I’ve made so many friends over the years its unfair to mention only a few. Jonas Kaerup from Denmark, Andrew Abbot from Australia and of course all my team mates and race buddies I see every weekend. Mick and Neil Cragg are especially special to me and we have a long standing friendship and have been through some tough times together.
RC Rivals: Almost everybody we race against in other teams. On track its everybody. Off track I try to get along with most people but some people seem to make it harder than others:) I’m opinionated so it doesn’t always work in my favour. I’ve learnt to be fairly thick skinned although I have a good cry from time to time 🙂

Career Highlights:

– Neil Cragg winning the Off Road World Championships in 2005
– 2005 USA Reedy Race of Champions Winner
– 11 times Off road European Champion
– 14 Times National Champion
– Worlds finalist in 5 different classes of RC racing. 1/12th, Pro 10 (1/10th pan cars) 2wd off road, 4wd off road, 1/10th TC

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