Neo2010 – 2-5 April 2010 Harper Adams, UK

Easily the best final to watch in the history of the Neo race, now in its 5th year, we have our first non-American winner; Yannick Aigoin. Starting on pole he drove fantastically to claim a victory he clearly felt was within his grasp. The final started out with Yannick leading, than Drake taking over, building a gap, threatening to do what Drake has done so well in previous visits; roll off into the sunset and win by huge margins – not so this time, Yannick, Mike Truhe kept Drake within sight, and a few bobbles & mistakes levelled things out. The lead changed numerous times, looking like the victory & podium would be shared between one of three Losi team mates. It wasn’t long however until a certain Mr Maifield turned up knocking on the trios’ back doors, Maifield battled for what seemed an eternity with Drake & Truhe, who also in turn had small fights.

All the while Yannick was inching away into the lead, not by much as the trio were arguably slightly faster, but Yannick more consistent… coupled with the Novarossi engines’ runtime advantage (Drake / Aigoin pitting ~ 11:30) it looked like it could boil down to strategy to determine the winner. Not so, as Maifield and Truhe; both on disadvantageous pitstops kept up with Drake and muscled their way into 2nd and 3rd, Drake having to settle for fourth will be a disappointment but taking TQ over six rounds isn’t so bad… Back to Yannick, out front the pit times meant he came out just behind 2nd & 3rd, however with fuel to go to the end, Maifield & Truhe had to pit again and this gave Aigoin breathing space. A tough final to put across on paper, but hugely exciting with anyone of four possible challengers looking able to win.

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