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Video News

Elliott Boots video: how to fill diff

Source: Elliott Boots RC (YouTube)

Two-time Euro Champ’s Elliott Boots has released a new video on his YouTube channel showing how he fills diff on his SWORKz rides.

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LutzRC beginner level tutorial: How to shim RC car gear diff

Source: Ryan Lutz (YouTube)

Ryan Lutz posted a new ‘LutzRC beginner level tutorial’ on his YouTube channel showing how to properly shim your gear diff or differential. Proper shimming allows to reduce wear and extend the longevity of your gear train.

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Ty Tessmann Pro Tip: Axle height setting on the XB2/4’20

Source: Ty tessmann (Youtube)

Ty Tessmann has released a new and helpful ‘Pro Tip’ video giving a quick breakdown of the effects of adjusting the axle height on the XB2’20 and XB4’20.

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Best crashes at 2019 IFMAR 1/10th buggy Worlds

Source: HUDY Arena (YouTube)

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Ty Tessmann Pro Tip: steering servo setup

Source: Ty tessmann (Youtube)

Ty Tessmann has released a new and helpful ‘Pro Tip’ video showing how to set up the steering servo in the new XB2’20.

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David Ronnefalk will be online on November 28

See: HB Racing

HB Racing have announced that the World Champion David Ronnefalk will be Live on the HB Racing facebook page next week, more precisely on November 28th. The first live show was a great success, and the Swiss brand allows with a second part to ask questions to D. Ronnefalk and listen to his advice to further optimize their experience with their HB Racing vehicles. Save the date!

XRAY XB2’20: exclusive pre-release video


XRAY have released an exclusive pre-release video about the forthcoming all-new XB2 2020. See all the details featuring the pre-production XB2 prototypes and all the detailed explanations of the new improvements and new parts. Get ready for your all-new XB2’20 that will hit your locally hobby shop this week.

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XRAY video part 5: color coating & packaging

Source: XRAY (YouTube)

Check out the Part 5 of our exclusive video series from XRAY production featuring the color coating and packaging area. Ever wondered how professional RC racing cars are manufactured? Check out this exclusive video from one of the world’s leading RC car manufacturer XRAY, the only RC car production plant in Europe. The XRAY’s chief designer Martin Hudy will guide you through the unique and world’s largest RC car manufacturing facility located in Trencin – Slovakia – Europe and will show you how the finest RC cars are produced. This Part 5 of the exclusive video series shows how the parts are color coated and how the kits are packaged.

Watch the video