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Who is the new HotRace tyres top driver?

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Italian company HotRace tyres have released a enigmatic video showing, well almost, their new top driver. Our friend Nicola, the owner of HotRace tyres said:

“This new driver will be very good for the present and future HotRace buggy project, when we talked together he immediately believed in my project, he is “crazy and dreamer” like me, i’m very happy.”

In a few days, we will unveil you the name of this mysterious driver. In the meantime, see the video and try to find who is he 😉

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David Ronnefalk’s Pro Tips: air filter & throttle EPA

HB Racing super star David Ronnefalk published another “Pro Tips” video showing how to install a new air filter and how to adjust the throttle (EPA).

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Neo 17: The TV show version

Our friends at RC Racing TV have released a TV show version of the Neo Race 17. This edition considered as one of the most successful saw the Italian prodigy Davide Ongaro win a thrilling final! Relive these great moments in this video with commentary by the legend John Hindhaugh.

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David Ronnefalk’s Pro Tips: brake assembling

Source: David Ronnefalk’s Youtube channel

World champ’ David Ronnefalk is back with a new video detailing the assembly steps and providing valuable tips for a perfect fit.

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Two drivers for a title: Batlle VS Canas


Definitely the most thrilling final of the Spanish 1/8 nitro buggy championship in video. During the 45 minute final, Robert Batlle and Juan Carlos Canas will engage in an intense fight to determine which of them would be the new Spanish champion. The report is available here.

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Adam Drake talks about his new break-in method for nitro engines

Mugen Seiki Racing actor Adam Drake is once again under the spotlight to present us his latest short film called “break-in method” where Adam talks about his new break-in method for nitro engines. Starring Adam Drake and also starring O.S. Speed B21 Ty Tessmann II.

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Adam Drake talks about the MBX7R Eco’s clutch system

Mugen Seiki Racing driver Adam Drake is back with another video tutorial about the clutch system on the MBX7R Eco.

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David Ronnefalk’s Pro Tips: soft and/or hard suspension arms?

Source: David Ronnefalk’s Youtube channel

Tuesday is here and that means a new video is out for you guys. This week David Ronnefalk talks about the soft and/or hard suspension arms, when he uses them and what his thoughts are about them.

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