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2018 Euros Live!


Video: Euros Qualifying walkabout

Come Drive with Us – 1/10 Worlds

Cory Drachenberg has posted another brilliant production in his Come Drive with Us series – this time from the 2017 1/10 Worlds in Xiamen, China, including a tribute to the much-missed Dallas.

Neidhart SA 50 years anniversary: the success story

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Since 50 years Neidhart SA mark the RC history. In 1968 Rico Neidhart developped his own transmitters and laid the foundation stone of Neidhart SA. Neidhart started by distribuying some great brands like O.S Engines and the company became quickly the main distributor in Switzerland. Less than a decade later, Philippe Neidhart joined Neidhart SA and from then on he will create a dynamic based on the innovation of electrical products such as batteries, ESCs, chargers and and the development of new technologies. Team Orion was born. Team Orion will quickly reach heights winning numerous national and world titles. Watch the video below to know the following of the success story of Neidhart SA.

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David Ronnefalk launches his new website

Source: David Ronnefalk

David Ronnefalk has always highlighted his image and his communication. His growing influence linked to his many European titles and especially to his world title has propelled him even more in the limelight. To gather the many posts on social networks, photos and videos, David had released a first version of his website but obviously not completely satisfied, he decided to redo everything to get a more pro version and putting in before his communication skills and his sponsors. Go take a look, you will not be disappointed;)

David Ronnefalk’s Pro Tips: steering plates

HB Racing’s David Ronnefalk is back with another Pro Tips video showing us how to chose the right steering plates of your HB Racing vehicle. More videos are available in the David’s Youtube channel here.

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David Ronnefalk’s Pro Tips: Shock pistons

New David Ronnefalk’s Pro Tips video is out! The World Champ gives you some guidelines that can be useful to choose the good shock piston for your playground. More videos are available in David’s Youtube channel here.

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Ryan Dunford talks about the TLR 8IGHT-X

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The new TLR 8IGHT-X brings new features such as easy differential services, floating throttle servo and so much more. In this video, TLR’s product developer Ryan Dunford talking you through the major changes that the new 8IGHT-X offers.

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