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Philippine Masters 2018 Buggy A Main Final

The 2018 Philippine Masters is finished and burnt amazingly into the spectator’s minds with all the drama and excitement accompanying an international event of this caliber. Watch the Buggy A Main final action-packed!

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David Ronnefalk’s Pro Tips: explaining the 0.8 Mod gears

HB Racing’s David Ronnefalk is back with another #TechTipTuesday video where he talks about the 0.8 Mod gears available as an option for the D817. More videos are available in David’s Youtube channel here.

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Elliott Boots talks about REDS VX2 1/10 motors

See: REDS Racing

REDS Racing have released a new video where Elliott Boots talk about the VX2’s line of motors for 1/10 vehicles.

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David Ronnefalk’s Pro Tips: HB V2 vehicles in details

David Ronnefalk released a new video about the V2 edition of the HB Racing vehicles. If you are considering getting any of the V2 cars, and even if you have already one, check the video out to get a good view of what’s updated since the previous versions. More videos are available in David’s Youtube channel here.

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Come Drive With Us – Surf City

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Pro-Line Racing & 5150 Media Productions are proud to present the latest installment of the “Come Drive With Us” Series: The 2017 Pro-Line Surf City Classic! Many events, including SiKCross which we covered in the previous episode, are struggling to bring in racers. It’s refreshing to hear about a race over-selling in less than 3 minutes. 340 entries made it into the 2017 edition of the Surf City Classic held at the world famous OCRC.

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Ty Tessmann Pro Tip: XT8 upgrade

Ty Tessmann has published a “Pro Tip” video where the forme World champ gives some information on the XT8 upgrade.

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Neo18 – The Final

The Final that everyones’ talking about!

Neo’18: Dash 4 Cash

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