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JQRacing: Dare to Dream

Never one to follow the crowd, JQ Racing has encountered countless hurdles along the journey, and here’s a video showing their story.

“It’s not been an easy one, there’s been some heart break, and some disappointments along the way, but it’s also been a lot of fun, and an experience well worth the effort! Now things are looking up, and we need to find the motivation to make it to the top!”

RC Cars for anytime, anywhere & anyone

An old video but one that sends the right kind of  Christmas message!

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Adam Drake talks about how to install & remove clutch shoes

Mugen Seki‘s Adam Drake is back in another tutorial video to shows us how to install and remove clutch shoes.

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David Ronnefalk tops table on day 2 VRC Worlds


David Ronnefalk, 2016 IFMAR World Champion started his quest to add a virtual Worlds title to the prestigious Worlds title he won in Las Vegas back in October ’16. Ronnefalk, an early VRC Pro adopter, will compete in both the 1/8 electric buggies and in 1/8 nitro buggies VRC Worlds. 

David topped the table on day 2 of the Timed practice in both Open and Spec class electric buggies but some fierce competition is awaiting him when it gets serious in Qualifying. This video shows David’s Wednesday ‘fastest time of the day’ run.

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Come Drive With Us – The Southern Nationals

The Southern Nationals; this is probably an event that few have heard of and yet, it’s one of the largest races in the South Eastern United States. That being said, only three paid professionals were in attendance. So does this mean there will be more pressure or less?

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Elliott Boots explains REDS Racing Quattro Clutch System


In this video REDS factory driver Elliott Boots shows you how to assemble, remove the shoes and tune the Quattro Clutch System.

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Cradock’s How to Videos: strip, clean and rebuild your MP9 diffs


How to Strip, Clean and Rebuild your front, centre and rear differentials in a Kyosho MP9? Watch the video, Mike Cradock will tell you how to do.

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Pro-Line Mannequin Challenge video


You always wanted to know what is hidden behind the doors of Pro-Line? Watch this video and visit the premises of the American company and get to know their employees.

See: Pro-Line

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