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Ty Tessmann Pro Tip: homegrown tips & tricks

Source: Ty tessmann (Youtube)

XRAY factory driver Ty Tessmann shows a few tricks that his father Gord and him have found over the years that make RC easier on the pocketbook.

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Come Drive With Us – The Perth Worlds

See: 5150 Media Productions

Cory Drachenberg from 5150 Media Productions in collaboration with Pro-Line Racing have posted another ‘Come Drive with Us’ series, this time from the 2018 1/8 Worlds in Perth, Australia. Every year, IFMAR hosts a world championship race in one of the 4 blocks that make up the sanctioning body. For the 2018 worlds the “who’s who” of the R/C World were in Perth for the 1/8 Nitro World Championships.

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Futaba Pro Tips: Ryan Lutz’s Futaba 7PX setup tips

See: Futaba USA

Futaba have released a new video where Ryan Lutz shares a few of his favorite transmitter features and how he has them set up on his 7PX Limited Edition. R.Lutz discusses throttle curve, steering curve, timer start and timer reset, and steering speed turn and return.

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Gear up for the 2019 VRC Worlds Spec classes!

See: VRC World

In June VRC organizes the 2019 VRC Worlds Spec classes, 9 Worlds events in total! 3 weeks of action packed RC racing at the highest level, from the comfort of your house! Nitro and electric, onroad and offroad, and in between with Rally X, it’s all there.

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Mike Cradock talks about REDS, JQ & gyros in video

Mike Cradock gives his opinion on the topics that have fascinated RC world for some time. Mike gives his feeling about REDS engines, JQ and RCGP as well as the gyros. Interesting!

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Hong Nor Mega Booster E1 Truggy RTR in video

See: Hong Nor

Among all 1/8 buggies and truggies Hong Nor offers Ready To Run versions of those vehicles as well whose the Mega Booster E1 Truggy. Based on the popular X1-CRT E-truggy platform, the Mega Booster E1 Truggy delivers lots of exciting action while delivering great performance. Do you want to get an idea of what he can do? Watch the video!

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The RC8 saga in video

See: Team Associated  

Team Associated has compiled in this video the constant evolution of its 1/8 RC8 nitro buggy. Born in 2007, the RC8 will improve over the years and each victories will add a stone for building until the last version B3.1 which has allowed Davide Ongaro to win the 2018 World Championship.

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RC Fantasy League: watch, play, win

See: RC Fantasy League

Zachary Rogers launched the RC Fantasy League, a website who allows you to follow your favorite drivers at some of the worlds largest RC races. You can create profiles, get credits, and pick your favorite drivers potential finishing positions to earn points and possibly win some cash. The goal with the money raised is to help fund a new National series in the USA, known as RC National Series. With the launch of RC Fantasy League at the 2018 IFMAR 1/8 Nitro Off-Road IFMAR World Championships, it is plan to build off this event and continue to extend his contest to many other races throughout the world.

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