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The No Name RC Podcast: The Best of 2018-19 Podcast, Darren Bloomfield & Gil Losi Jr

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Keenan K White is back with three new ‘The No Name RC Podcast’. In the #74 episode called The Best of 2018-2019 Podcast, Lefty done his best to pick some of the quotes or segments but he failed to keep it at an hour!

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HUDY Tech Tips: starter box setup by Ty Tessmann


HUDY have released a new Tech Tips video where Ty Tessmann talks about starter box setup.

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Ryan Cavalieri shows how to prepare for races & tuning tips

Source: Ryan Cavalieri (YouTube)

Multi-time World Champion Ryan Cavalieri put a new video showing how to prepare for races. Cav also provides some tips for the SWORKz rides.

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Pro Tips by David Ronnefalk: How to build Performa shock caps

Source: David Ronnefalk (YouTube)

Former World Champion David Ronnefalk is back with another ‘Pro Tips’ video talking about how he builds his Performa Racing shock caps consistently each time. Good watching and feel free to subscribe David’s YouTube Chanel!

Elliott Boots video: REDS Racing V8 Gen3 brushless motor

Source: Elliott Boots RC (YouTube)

Elliott Boots has released another video on his YouTube channel where he talks about the new REDS Racing V8 Gen3 brushless motor. All you need to know about the power plant is in the video!

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Elliott Boots video: how to fill diff

Source: Elliott Boots RC (YouTube)

Two-time Euro Champ’s Elliott Boots has released a new video on his YouTube channel showing how he fills diff on his SWORKz rides.

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LutzRC beginner level tutorial: How to shim RC car gear diff

Source: Ryan Lutz (YouTube)

Ryan Lutz posted a new ‘LutzRC beginner level tutorial’ on his YouTube channel showing how to properly shim your gear diff or differential. Proper shimming allows to reduce wear and extend the longevity of your gear train.

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Ty Tessmann Pro Tip: Axle height setting on the XB2/4’20

Source: Ty tessmann (Youtube)

Ty Tessmann has released a new and helpful ‘Pro Tip’ video giving a quick breakdown of the effects of adjusting the axle height on the XB2’20 and XB4’20.

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