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Come Drive With Us – The Psycho Nitro Blast

Pro-Line and 5150 Media Productions present to you the story of the 2017 Psycho Nitro Blast. This season started out with so many changes; Maifield switching to Mugen; Tessmann to XRAY; so we decided to theme this season accordingly. Change is everywhere in this industry; even at the event level. In years past, DNC has been considered the largest nitro race in the world. That just might not be the case any longer.

This is the story of what could very well be considered the largest R/C race in the world, and unlike other large events…it is run in 3 days!

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Yuichi Kanai talks about aeration caps

During the Kyosho Masters Japan, Kyosho’s guru Yuichi Kanai showed how to properly assemble MP9’s shock absorbers equipped with the new aeration caps. Aeration caps make the car run more smoothly over the bumps, and feel like it has more grip on loose surfaces. The car also settles more quickly when landing from big jumps.

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Adam Drake talks about the Nitro Engine Easy Break In System

Today Mugen’s Adam Drake shows us its Nitro Engine Easy Break In System, a new and different way to break in your engine.

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WATCH: Toughest RC Track Ever

World Champion David Ronnefalk returned to the track at Eskilstuna, host of the Euros in a month’s time for a bit of practice on the tricky bumpy conditions. He posted up the following video.

WATCH: ROAR Buggy Nats A Main

Re watch this year’s hour-long final from the ROAR Fuel Offroad Nationals thanks to Live RC

Watch Live: ROAR Offroad Nats

1/8 ROAR Offroad Nats underway

The 2017 ROAR Offroad Fuel ‘Nats’ take place this weekend at ‘Stateline’ in Fremont, Indiana – located midway between Chicago & ‘Motor City’ of Detroit on the northern border to Michigan. Day 1 at the nats consisted of controlled practice.

Over 300 entries at this year’s event many of which are locals to the area. Weather looks like it might be a factor later in the week with 80% chance of showers coming on Friday. So far the track is still being broken in and many racers are trying to figure out what to run tire wise. The track itself got pretty dusty during the day with the sun beating down. Many racers saying it was sometimes hard to see over the amount of dust in the air. This should all be taken care of as the water schedule tightens up for seeding practice.

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A lap round Barco… with the Bittydesign Girls


Spent 3 days at a track ? 

No Women ?

Got Track Fever much ?

Bittydesign have the solution!